Who We Are

ZULA was created in November 2016 as a voice for Gen Y Singaporean girls. We focus on female lifestyle and inspiration through the content we’d tell our best friends in our PJs. Like how that faux fur coat trend in our 38-degree weather isn’t practical and last night’s runway fashion was borderline repulsive.

Whether it’s a $2 or $200 product, we look beyond fancy packaging to test what’s best by volunteering ourselves as tributes.

What We Cover

  • Lifestyle – Unique products, new places in SG and tips for females
  • Perspective – Relationships and life
  • Inspiration – Stories that push Singaporean females to find their own success

The ZULA Code of Ethics

Most products we write are paid for on our own. Sometimes, we accept media kits from beauty companies as that’s the only way to get a first look before they’re released to the public. Regardless, we will always declare at the bottom of our articles if it was an undercover review or in partnership with a brand. And no matter what, we will:

  • Give honest reviews
  • Provide readers with the best possible information
  • Not slander or unfairly criticise any product in Singapore
  • Not accept monetary compensation in exchange for writing untrue positive reviews that will compromise our editorial integrity

Meet the Team


Chevonne Cheng

Sub Editor

Chevonne is someone who will drag herself to the hospital wearing lipstick, even though she was a sporty tomboy with hideous 4cm hair as a kid. In her previous life, she marketed F&B concepts across mass and luxury brands in Asia but decided to make her writing hobby a career. To amuse herself, she notices irrelevant details in movie scenes and little quirks about people.

Cheryl Chiew


Cheryl always wears black, mostly because she always stains her shirt with food. As a Sociology graduate, she finds her degree most useful when used as wall decor. Nonetheless, it has helped her realise her love for writing. When she’s not churning out articles, you can find her eating bread, drinking coffee, and people-watching.

Leah Shannon


Leah is ZULA’s self-proclaimed rabak queen who can take 30 #OOTD shots in eight seconds. As an ex-stylist at Topshop, most people are surprised to hear she’s from NUS Business and not from the Arts. Her favourite acronym is ‘LMAO’ and her most #buaypaiseh moment was chasing her Korean idols and falling into the arms of her favourite oppa at the airport (true story).



Jewelyn Siew


As a media and communications student, Jewelyn’s interest in content creation led her to ZULA, where she handles video editing for our Youtube discussion series, ChickChats. Frugal by nature, most of her outfits cost less than S$10 from Taobao. When she’s not at work, she’s in a relationship with modern contemporary dance and hip-hop.

To Reach Us

Please direct all enquiries to chevonne@zula.sg.
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