Who We Are

ZULA is a female website and Youtube channel for Singaporean Millennials. Our story began in early 2017 when we had the vision to build an inclusive community of bold, multifaceted Asian women to share their experiences and insights.

We produce content which seeks to empower girls by validating the stories of everyday women and providing them with the knowledge to make informed choices. From sharing relationship stories to featuring inspirational women from all walks of life, ZULA aims to provide a safe space where girls can voice their feelings and opinions.

At ZULA, a girl is a thinker, lover, dreamer, and experimenter, who isn’t afraid to strive for more than one model of success.

Today, we create content about beauty, fashion, life advice, and inspiring stories for over 300,000 monthly unique visitors, with 40% of our readers comprising of men.

Ultimately, ZULA hopes to be a platform where both men and women can grow with and learn from one another through open discussions.

What We Cover

  • Lifestyle
  • Perspective
  • Beauty
  • Fashion

The ZULA Code of Ethics

Most products we write are paid for on our own. Sometimes, we accept media kits from beauty companies as that’s the only way to get a first look before they’re released to the public. Regardless, we will always declare at the bottom of our articles if it was an undercover review or in partnership with a brand. And no matter what, we will:

  • Give honest reviews
  • Provide readers with the best possible information
  • Not slander or unfairly criticise any product in Singapore
  • Not accept monetary compensation in exchange for writing untrue positive reviews that will compromise our editorial integrity

Meet the Team

Chevonne Cheng


Chevonne is someone who will drag herself to the hospital wearing lipstick, even though she grew up as a tomboy with 4cm hair. In her previous life, she marketed F&B concepts across mass and luxury brands in Asia. To amuse herself, she notices irrelevant details in movie scenes and little quirks about people.

Cheryl Chiew

Sub Editor

Cheryl always wears black, mostly because she always stains her shirt with food. As a Sociology graduate, she finds her degree most useful when used as wall decor. When she’s not churning out articles, you can find her eating bread, drinking coffee, and people-watching.

Leah Shannon

Video Producer

As an ex-stylist at Topshop, most people are surprised to hear that Leah graduated from NUS Business, and not from the Arts. Her favourite acronym is ‘LMAO’ and her most #buaypaiseh moment was chasing her Korean idols and falling into the arms of her favourite oppa at the airport (true story).

Audrey Lim


Audrey was once a hairstylist, bank secretary, club PR, Froyo girl, marketing executive at a wedding decor firm, copywriter, wedding stylist, fashion brand manager, photography lecturer, and creative director at our sister-site TheSmartLocal. Now, she handles photography & business development at ZULA.

Keegan Chong

Video Assistant

Keegan stands out like a sore thumb in ZULA, not because he towers above the rest at 1.8m, but because he is the only male staff in the team. An aspiring filmmaker, Keegan’s dream is to see the world through the viewfinder of a camera. He also spends his time dancing and watching films by Scorsese and Fincher.

Kan Xinyi

Video Assistant

When she’s not a video production assistant for ZULA’s Youtube & Facebook platforms, Xinyi helms a calligraphy interest group. With her background in English-Chinese Translation, her dream is to explore new stories and turn them into media content that is engaging and entertaining.

Please direct all enquiries to chevonne@zula.sg.
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