Who We Are

ZULA is a new site created for Gen Y Singaporean females. We focus on female lifestyle and inspiration through content we'd tell our best friends in our PJs. Like how that faux fur coat trend in 38-degree Singapore is not practical and last night’s runway fashion was borderline repulsive. 

Whether it’s a $2 or $200 product, we look beyond fancy packaging to test what’s best by volunteering ourselves as tributes.

What We Cover

  • Lifestyle - Unique products, new places in SG and style tips
  • Female perspective - Relationships problems and advice
  • Inspiration - Stories that push Singaporean females to find their own success


The ZULA Code of Ethics

Most products we write are paid for on our own. Sometimes, we accept media kits from beauty companies as that’s the only way to get a first look before they're released to the public. Regardless, we will always declare at the bottom of our articles if it was an undercover review or in partnership with a brand. And no matter what, we will:

  1. Give honest reviews.
  2. Provide readers with the best possible information.
  3. Not slander or unfairly criticise any product in Singapore.
  4. Not accept monetary compensation in exchange for writing untrue positive reviews that will compromise our editorial integrity.

Meet the Team


Chevonne Cheng

Sub Editor

Chevonne is someone who will drag herself to the hospital wearing lipstick, even though she was a sporty tomboy with hideous 4cm hair as a kid. In her previous life, she marketed F&B concepts across mass and luxury brands in Asia but decided to make her writing hobby a career. To amuse herself, she notices irrelevant details in movie scenes and little quirks about people.


Elena Lim


Elena is an optimistic realist and a professional shower singer. She enjoys witty puns, HTHT talks and photography. Apart from OD-ing on skincare, you'll find her hogging supermarket aisles around the world. She enjoys meeting new people, but her introvert nature prefers seeking solace in art galleries or wrapping herself like a popiah in bed.


Vanessa Lim


Vanessa is a social animal who loves a good time. Her whimsical side draws her to music festivals and loud places, though her split personality appreciates her own space and time alone. As a dreamer, she passes too much time people-watching and listening to her favourite vloggers talk about their day. Her idol is Wendy Williams and she secretly wishes she could be a TV/radio personality too.


Naeha Sitara


Naeha is secretly a beautiful butterfly, waiting to take on the brave new world with her passionate words and lame jokes.  She genuinely enjoys sassing others and has an idea or two about ‘Feminist Crap’. As a firm believer in punctuality, she promptly leaves for lunch at 12pm and for home at 6pm. On. The. Dot. In her free time, she enjoys lengthy wiki pages about psychopaths and conspiracy theories.


Kathleen Leong


Kathleen is a softie with major RBF and a not-so-closeted Sailor Moon junkie. As a child, she used to live in cargo shorts and her brother’s hand-me-downs before her love for fashion led her to brighter, pinker things. In her free time she enjoys talking to HDB cats, watching stand-up comedy, and not getting out of her PJs unless absolutely necessary.

jing en zula about

Jing En Lim


Jing En views herself as a romantic realist, although her boyfriend would describe her as "an opinionated feminist going on a rampage". Passionate about the arts, she spends all her money on theatre shows and occasionally performs at open mics. She has an unhealthy reliance on lipbalm and her guilty pleasures include 90's chick flicks and relateable thoughtcatalog articles.

To reach us...

Please direct all enquiries to chevonne@zula.sg.