Korean Shows With Explicit Sex Scenes

M18 scenes that include steamy making out and heavy petting are barely seen in K-dramas, as characters tend to only engage in kissing scenes before the camera pans out. While it seems like such scenes are still taboo in South Korea, there are several K-dramas that actually broke the norm with some raunchy sex scenes. 

Read on to find out which 7 K-dramas have them, and where they are available for viewing online. 

1. My Name – Netflix (2021)

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My Name is an action-packed drama on Netflix that features Han Sohee as Jiwoo, who seeks revenge for her father who was murdered. Since the drama heavily focused on Jiwoo inching closer towards uncovering the murderer, little did viewers expect a sex scene between her and Pildo, played by Ahn Bohyun. 

The intimate moment happened in a beach house, where the two were caught up in lust with each other. Pildo is gentle towards Jiwoo when he removes her clothes, and kisses her scars while he explores her body with his hands. As explicit as it goes, the scene does show some nudity, but nothing alarming that you’d need to pause for a breather.

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2. World of the Married– Netflix (2020)


ICYMI, World of the Married became a hot topic when it aired in 2020. The plot revolves around topics like infidelity and divorce, and the drama has explicit sex scenes right from the first episode. 

Before Kim Heeae as Ji Sunwoo discovers that her husband, Lee Taeoh, played by Park Haejun is having an affair, the married couple is hot for each other, and engages in late-night sex. Viewers are able to catch glimpses of nudity, along with moans that make the scene even more steamy.

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3. Nevertheless – Netflix (2021)


Appearing yet again as the female lead, Han Sohee plays Nabi, alongside Song Kang as Park Jaeon in Nevertheless. The intimate moment might have been part of Nabi’s fantasy, but it nonetheless reveals the desires that she has for Park Jaeon. 

He enters her house hurriedly, clashing his lips onto hers before removing her clothes. One thing leads to another, and in no time, viewers get to see them almost doing the deed before Nabi wakes up from her dream. 

Apart from this scene, there are several others in the Netflix drama that show how the two can’t keep their hands off each other. 

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4. Squid Game – Netflix (2021)

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Squid Game took a drastic turn from the ruthless games when viewers saw Kim Jooryeong as Han Minyeo having sex with Heo Sungtae as Deoksu in a toilet cubicle. It is a rare moment in K-drama history as viewers actually get to see nudity featuring Kim Jooryeong’s chest. 

For those who didn’t catch the award-winning series, Han Minyeo resorted to having sex as a way to survive since Deoksu was noted to be a strong contender in the games. She hoped that by doing something for him, she would also get something in return ‒ in this case, protection. 

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5. Love Playlist Season 2 – V-Live (2018)

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Having sex for the first time can be intimidating, but for some, it is also a beautiful moment with their loved ones. As portrayed in Love Playlist Season 2, characters Kang Yoon and Han Jaein go on a trip for the first time as a couple. The night doesn’t end with them just cuddling on the bed as the couple takes their relationship to the next level – if you know what I mean. 

While viewers don’t get to see them having a full-blown heated session, the intimate action is captured using closed-up shots, with an emphasis on the human senses. Apart from raising the awareness of consensual sex, the episode also promotes safe sex, showing how both characters take responsibility for their actions. 

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6. All-In-One ‒ Youtube (2021)


Another web drama that touches on sex education and STDs is All-In-One, which is available for viewing with English subtitles on YouTube. Most people tend to get caught in the moment during sex, but Jiyoo notices that her partner actually removed the condom without her consent. As expected, she gets angry and makes him leave her house. 

Despite the lack of nudity, the scene captures the importance of consensual sex, and when to say “no”. 

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7. Forecasting Love And Weather – Netflix (2022)

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No one deserves to be cheated on, especially by a partner whom you almost tied the knot with. 

Park Minyoung as Jin Hakyung in Forecasting Love And Weather, catches her fiancee having sex with another woman after returning home. It is a heartbreaking moment for sure, but the story later becomes complicated when Jin Hakyung engages in a one-night stand with another employee Lee Shiwoo, played by Song Kang.   

While the sex scene might have been short, the idea of discovering your other half cheating on you is definitely traumatic. 

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These Korean Shows With Explicit Sex Scenes Suggest The Reality Of Today  

Be it shows on infidelity or campus romance, these K-dramas with explicit sex scenes suggest that the genre is becoming more comfortable with the topic of sex. Furthermore, these scenes are also relatable to most people as it reflects the reality of today, and how couples deal with love and relationships. 

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