Kiaraakitty Kitty Paradise Maid Café

With Japan being one of the top tourist destinations for Singaporeans, it’s no secret that the land of the rising sun has a lot of interesting concepts, including maid cafés. If you’re curious to venture into one before flying over, this upcoming maid café pop-up will give you a great first introduction into the culture. 

Popular Twitch streamer, @kiaraakitty, will be hosting her very own maid café alongside a fellow OnlyFans creator this weekend. Apart from delicious food, you can also request hugs, dances and pictures from them ― now that sounds like a fan’s dream come true. 

The pop-up


Kitty Paradise Café is helmed by both @kiaraakitty and OnlyFans creator, @imyujia. Like most maid cafés around the world, you can order special services from both of them. 

Prices start from $5, and you can opt for dances, photo-taking sessions and hugs from either girl. It’s safe to say customers and fans will be fully entertained. 

They have an “AYAYA” service from $5 too. While they have yet to disclose what it means, we can leave it up to your imagination. Besides, their IG page did mention that this pop-up is designed to “enhance your visit and ensure your utmost satisfaction”.


A maid-themed café is not complete without some kawaii food. You can indulge in cat-inspired dishes such as Cheese and Omelette, or enjoy drinks which include booze and non-alcoholic drinks. 

The pop-up will be held at LIT Bar Lounge Restaurant on 24, 26 to 27 June 2023 with limited slots. Also, this event calls for no physical touching. 

You Can Experience Fan Service From @Kiaraakitty At This Maid Café Pop-Up 

While some of us are fighting to get concert tickets, you can head down to the maid pop-up this weekend for a more stress-free experience with Singapore’s top Twitch streamers and OnlyFans creators. You can check out the Kitty Paradise Café’s IG page for more updates.

Kitty Paradise Café Pop-Up
Address: 65 Boat Quay, Singapore 049853
Opening hours: 6pm – 9pm (Saturday, Monday to Tuesday)

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