Alternative Menstrual Products For Periods

For as long as women have been menstruating, our options to feminine hygiene products have remained mostly limited to disposable pads and tampons.

However, many disposable pads are made from bleached cotton which may irritate sensitive bits, and the insertion of most regular tampons can cause toxic shock syndrome.

To improve feminine hygiene, products like menstrual cups have recently emerged as popular alternatives. If you’re looking for other ways to deal with the ‘red tide’ between your legs, here are 5 options to try.

1. Menstrual Cup


Designed in various sizes for the perfect fit, menstrual cups are designed to collect period blood instead of absorbing them like regular pads do. The cup is first folded and then inserted into the vagina.

Each cup can hold up to 12 hours of period flow, and can be used for up to five years before it has to be replaced.

Where To Buy: Freedom Cup (S$33), Chiobu Cup (S$49), Lily Cup (S$59.90), Lunette Cup (S$49.90), Super Jennie Cup (S$54.90)

2. Flex


If the thought of continually reusing the same period blood holder isn’t appealing, the flex disposable menstrual disc might be a better option.

Similar to a menstrual cup, it can last up to 12 hours without leaks, and the thinness of the soft cup allows the product to sit comfortably in your body when properly inserted.

Where To Buy: Flex (S$15)

3. Period Panties


Gone were the days where you’d stain your favourite undies because of Aunt Flo. With period underwear, you can free-bleed comfortably without worrying about leaks and stains.

The absorbent material is made out of four micro-layers which keeps the underwear dry and free from bacteria. They come in a variety of designs, including the ‘Hip Hugger’ for heavy flows and ‘Sport’ for athletes on their time of the month.

Where To Buy: Thinx (~S$45), Modi Bodi (~S$35), or if you’d prefer a local distributor, you can buy them from LiveLoveLuna (starting from S$24.90).

4. Sea Sponges


While it sounds a little dodgy (I mean, it’s literally squeezing a sponge up your vajayjay), the sea sponge works exactly like a tampon, except it’s reusable.

They’re sold in pairs, which means you can wear one while you wash and dry the other.

Where To Buy: LiveLoveLuna (S$39.90)

5. Reusable Pads


If you’re most comfortable with using pads, these reusable pads are a comfortable and sustainable alternative.

The secure clips on the wings ensure the pads don’t shift during the day, and the organic cotton material makes it breathable for your nether regions.

Where To Buy: HannahPad (starting from S$9.95), Eco Femme Reusable Cloth Pads (starting from S$13.90)

Monthly Periods

As much as we grumble about ‘shark week’, it’s an inevitable part of being a woman. By using products which are healthier for our systems, we can make the best of our monthly ordeal.

Happy period-ing ladies!


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