Starbucks Monochrome Collection

Monochrome is undoubtedly impactful in its simplicity. Black and white can easily be paired with almost any colour, but they are each just as chio on their own. To emphasise how “simplicity is key”, Starbucks is launching a monochrome collection with classy drinkware and tote bags in black and white.


All of the drinkware in this collection is decked out in smooth matte white to give off an atas feel with every sip. Enjoy your morning coffee, brewed in this 12oz stainless steel mug, retailing at $32.90.

Brew your favourite cuppa at home with the 18.6oz gooseneck kettle, featuring a long narrow spout to control your desired water level to perfection. It’s available at $56.90.

Starbucks Monochrome

Chase away your Monday blues with a Venti iced latte to-go in this 12oz tumbler. It’s perfect for keeping your drink cool on your morning commute. This retails for $44.90.

Starbucks Monochrome

Let’s admit it — many of us coffee-lovers can’t get through a day without first having our morning coffee. However, hydration remains equally important. Stay hydrated 24/7 by bringing this handy 16oz water bottle, retailing at $44.90, out with you.

Tote bags

Starbucks Monochrome

The Starbucks monochrome collection also stars two different tote bags sizes to zhng up your OOTD. Combining both style and functionality, the bags come with an adjustable crossbody strap and the signature Starbucks logo on the front pocket.

The mini tote bag in white (left) is available at $29.90, while the tote bag in black (right) is priced at $39.90.

This Chio Starbucks Monochrome Collection Is Launching On 8 February 2023

It’s safe to say that you simply can’t go wrong with monochrome designs. This chio Starbucks monochrome collection will be launching on Starbucks’ online store from 8 February 2023, from 10am. 

In the meantime, you can also treat your bae to Starbucks’ online exclusive Valentine’s Day Cold Cups in pink and blue.

All images courtesy of Starbucks.

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