Youtube’s Best Makeup Hacks

Everything is self-taught in the age of social media. Although the internet is dominated by memes and epidemic videos like PPAP, Google has made us overnight experts in (almost) anything.

With Youtube tutorials, anyone can pull a Kim-K contour. But making your warpaint last on your face in Singapore’s humidity is a whole different ballgame.

Hence, we’ve compiled some of the most useful life hacks by beauty gurus every girl deserves to know.

1. Apply loose powder before AND after liquid foundations

Applying powder under liquid foundation enhances its staying power. Firstly, it helps liquid makeup to stick better, so it doesn’t rub off or oxidise as quickly. Secondly, the layer of powder soaks up excess oil.



If you struggle with severely oily skin, spritz setting spray before the loose powder for added priming power. Alcohol should be the main ingredient, unless you’ve sensitive skin, because of its drying effect. Avoid dewy/hydrating setting sprays as it would have the reverse effect on oily skin types.

It’s also important to set liquid bases with translucent powder before blush/bronzer for smooth application. If not, the colours will end up patchy when they cling onto the liquid foundation, making it harder to blend as flawlessly.



2. Press (NOT rub) products into your skin

And we mean press it in. You want foundations and powders to emulsify into the skin so it clings onto your face. If you simply layer makeup onto your skin, it can slide off just as easily.

We’re not asking you to hantam your face, but to work the product in using dabbing motions. Clean, damp beauty sponges can also be patted over finished makeup to thin the product down when you’ve accidentally applied too much.



If you’re using fingers, gently press the makeup in and melt the product with the warmth of your hands. And don’t worry, this won’t clog pores as long as you moisturise thoroughly beforehand.

3. Powder brushes are only meant for dusting excess powder off

If you’re applying powder, use a puff because it presses and locks the product in.



Fluffy powder brushes should only be used to dust off excess powder— wiping motions over your liquid bases can smudge them.



You can also use a damp makeup sponge to apply loose powder. This method is actually one of the best ways to set under-eye concealer to last all-day. When applying copious amounts of powder for baking, the sharp tip of the sponge is also ideal for control and precision.

4. Leave time for your skin to absorb products before layering

All good things take time—that’s no exception with beauty.

Let your skin absorb every product you apply for at least 1-3 minutes. Allowing your skin to soak up your facial moisturiser before painting your canvas is imperative for smooth, non-patchy application. If you don’t, the oils in moisturisers can cling onto the makeup unevenly.

When you spam makeup products onto the skin, they’ll either cake or slide off. There are so many beauty gurus who look fantastic on Instagram after applying a week’s worth of foundation. But in Singapore’s heat, makeup is way more prone to creasing and oxidising when slathered on hastily.

5. Dab a tissue over liquid foundations

Once you’ve applied foundation, dab a thin layer of tissue on your face before continuing with your routine. This absorbs excess oil and wax in the foundation and reduces oxidation. Alternatively, a dry makeup sponge rids excess product too.



Bonus for oily-skinned chickas

6. Use a silicon-free primer

Besides going for oil-free primers (for obvious reasons), avoid silicon-based ones too because the smooth formula will slide off our faces. Sorry girlies but if your complexion is on the oily side, these primers are your worst nightmare.

Life-saving Beauty Tips

Personally, my makeup has been staying on longer since I’ve given my skincare and makeup time to set instead of briskly piling them on. These tricks have been secretly adopted by makeup artists for years and we hope they’re useful for you!