7-Eleven x Miffy Collection

Recently, 7-Eleven released limited edition Sanrio character coin banks for Chinese New Year. Now, they’re moving on to accessories for their upcoming Miffy merch Collection. Fans of the cute bunny can look forward to 3-Way Furry Bags, Reversible Bucket Hats, and even Eco Bags with Pouches.

3 Way Furry Bags

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First up, 7-Eleven is releasing a 3 Way Furry Bag in four colours — white, pink, blue and grey. Featuring two adorable bunny ears on top and Miffy’s face at the front, the bag will make you feel as though the bunny is accompanying you wherever you go. 

It can be used in three ways. If handbags are more your style, then simply attach the pearl strap provided onto the loops at the side of the bag. A long fluffy strap — which you can use to transform the bag into a crossbody bag — will also be provided. Choose to use it without any accessories and the bag can act as a pouch or clutch. Either way, the cuteness of the bag is undeniable. 

The Miffy 3 Way Furry Bag currently retails at $19.90.

Reversible Bucket Hats


Double up on style by topping off your outfit with 7-eleven’s Miffy Reversible Bucket Hat. One side of the hat features Miffy’s adorable face, while the other has cute motifs of flowers, Miffy, and Boris — Miffy’s best “bear” friend.

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The hat comes in 3 unique colours: lilac, cream, and mint. Get the hat in cream if you like Boris Bear, since the colour is pretty similar to that of his fur.

You can purchase the Miffy Reversible Hat for $19.90.

Eco Bag With Pouch


With all major supermarkets in Singapore now charging at least five cents per plastic bag, it may be time to invest in a reliable grocery bag. If you’re in need of one, check out 7-Eleven’s Miffy Eco Bag With Pouch. While each eco bag features the same pattern as the underside of the Miffy Reversible Bucket Hat, there are three versions of the coin pouch: Tulip, House, and Pets.

Aptly named, the Tulip version of the coin pouch shows Miffy standing in a field of said flowers.

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The House version showcases Miffy playfully peeking from the side of her house while the Pets version features Miffy standing with Snuffy — her pet puppy — and Terry the lion. 

Functional and cute, 7-Eleven’s Miffy Eco Bag with Pouch is perfect to bring with you on your grocery runs. Get it now for $12.90.

7-Eleven’s New Miffy Collection Will Give You A Dose of Cuteness Every Day

Add a sense of playfulness to your outfits with these Miffy-themed accessories. Though 7-Eleven’s new Miffy merch collection will only be in-store from 13 March 2024, it’s been available for pre-order since 26 February 2024. Make sure to chope the items you want now from  7-Eleven Singapore’s official website while they’re still at half-price. 

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