Adidas x Gucci Collection

Previously, Gucci dropped their recent footwear series with Vans made from repurposed fabric. Now, the luxury brand is gracing us once again with their new Adidas x Gucci collection which features a diverse range of chic apparel, footwear and accessories. 

With unique and refined designs, you can now wow your friends by becoming the next fashion icon.


You can be stylish inside out with this GG Canvas Reversible Bomber. You will instantly recognise the motifs of the Gucci Trefoil and Adidas’s three-stripe details on both sides of the jacket.

If you feel like going for a more electrifying blue look, you can flip the jacket over to switch up your streetwear style. This retails for $5,650.

Snuggle up with their striking forest green Wool Jacquard Sweater — with their high neck and long sleeves, you can stay warm during rainy days. Pair this with gold accessories and jeans to get that old money vibe. 

This sweater also comes in red and retails for $2,100.

Windbreakers are a godsend for Singapore’s hot and humid weather. This Parachute Nylon Jacket will not only make you the most stylish person on the street but also the most comfortable. The piece features hues of green and red age which is a nod to Gucci’s signature colours

It retails for $4,250.

This maxi GG Canvas Skirt will accentuate your curves for your nights out with bae. This piece features a long zipper positioned at the front which will elevate any look. You can pair this with a plain white tee and channel your inner material girl.

This retails for $2,650.


If you are a sneakerhead and a fan of heels, you can opt for this Wedge Gazelle Sneaker which will take you to new heights. The footwear is lined with metallic gold leather with a black three-stripe detail. 

FYI, this shoe is made from sustainably sourced materials so you can rock your outfit in an eco-friendly way. Also, they also come with an additional pair of laces.

This shoe is only available at Gucci boutiques and retails for $1,420.

You can party in Barbie’s world with their ZX8000 Sneaker which features a colourblock design of pink and aqua blue hues. This bright ensemble will add a burst of colour to your OOTD.

You can also get this in a beige colourway. It retails for $1,610.

Or you can slip into this Horsebit Slipper for lazier days. This pair offers a new take on being fashionably comfortable. It also features gold hardware on the top to give you that atas vibe.  

This retails for $1,500.

This Slide Sandal will give you that ultimate girlboss look. Other than looking like a powerful queen, you can also strut in comfort. It features the embellishment of the Gucci Trefoil in a suede detail. 

This stunning pair also comes in colours of green and gold. It retails for $1,500.


It seems like dual-designs are the next in fashion. With this Double-Sided Baseball Hat, you can either go for a sporty or a sophisticated look. 

Or maybe you’ll look like a modern Sherlock Holmes — you decide. This hat retails for $1,170. 

You can sport this green leather Mini Bag for your days out with your gal pals. This cute piece comes in black too and retails for $2,860.

With the Canvas Belt, you can flex your new bling to all of your friends. The bright red accent will elevate your staple black and gold accessory. 

This belt retails for $1,040.

Revamp Your Entire Wardrobe In Style With The New Adidas x Gucci Collection

From retro to elegant, this series marks the second collaboration between the two brands and has everything you need to spruce up your wardrobe. This new Adidas x Gucci collection has a whopping total of 132 pieces for you to definitely slay the fashion game.

You can head over to Gucci’s and Adidas’s websites to purchase the collection. 

All images courtesy of Gucci.

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