Kakao Friends Has A New Block Calendar So You Can Have Ryan & Choonsik As Bedtime Companions

4 hours ago
Ilarnna Chrisandra

This Kakao Friends block calendar is the perfect addition to your bedside table so you can conveniently check the date…

16 Aesthetic Vanity Tables In Singapore To Make Getting Ready Every Morning A Breeze

Getting ready in the morning and doing makeup prep becomes much easier when you invest in one of these 16…

7 hours ago

This Underwear Washing Machine Lets You Wash Them Separately From Usual Laundry So They Last Longer

You can now extend the "life" of your underwear by having them washed separately in this underwear washing machine.

7 hours ago

Casetify x Disney Princess Has Floral & Mirror Phone Cases So You Can Be The Fairest Of Them All

Casetify is bringing back their Disney Princess collection featuring iconic princesses such as Cinderella, Ariel and Mulan.

7 hours ago

18 Facts About Miss Universe Singapore 2021 Nandita Banna, Including Her Reluctance To Join Initially

From her favourite food to dealing with xenophobic comments, find out 18 facts about Nandita Banna, Miss Universe Singapore 2021.

1 day ago

This New Contraception Device Requires Dudes To Dip Their Balls Into A Cup Of Ultrasonic Water

This male contraception device has a bowl for your balls that emits ultrasonic waves to stop your swimmers from being…

1 day ago

Line Friends Has A Collapsible Kettle So You Can Get Your Hot Coffee Or Cocoa Fix On-The-Go

This Line Friends collapsible kettle is a compact alternative to bringing out bulky flasks for your daily hot drink fix.

1 day ago

Skechers x We Bare Bears Has Matching Tees Featuring Grizzly, Panda & Ice Bear For Your Squad Goals

Skechers has always delivered exciting collabs, and they’re back yet again with the well-loved Cartoon Network series We Bare Bears.

2 days ago

Dealing With Anxiety Attacks & Feeling Detached From Reality, As Shared By A 21-Year-Old

Dealing with anxiety can be tough with the way it impacts your life but here's how this writer is learning…

2 days ago

This Hands-Free Standing Hair Dryer Lets You Nua While You Catch Up On Your Favourite Dramas

Now you can enjoy a snack or text bae while you let this hands-free standing hair dryer dry your hair…

2 days ago