Balenciaga Blanket Bag

In Spring 2007, there was the Louis Vuitton ‘China Town’ shopping bag. In Spring 2010, there was the Hermes Nasi Lemak-inspired bag.

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Now, Balenciaga has come up with their version (albeit a glorified one) of the ‘blanket bag’—the packaging we usually throw out after removing the actual product—for Spring 2017. And yes, they’re called ‘Blanket Square’ for real.


A few months ago, their striped ‘Bazar Shopper’ was also trending on social media for its remarkable similarity to a Thai carrier bag.



It seems like Pasar Malams and Mustafa might be the next high fashion inspiration.

And the internet loves it. I mean, really. Just take a look at the comments:

Love It or Hate It

If high fashion is all about making a statement, then these guys sure nailed it.

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