Bubble Tea Nails Available At Far East Plaza

You might have wanted to pay tribute to a cup of refreshing Tiger Sugar by getting some bubble tea nails. Now you can, without heading all the way to Malaysia.


The Nailicious, a nail art salon at Far East Plaza, has added a series of hand-made and painted bubble tea art ($22 to $25 each) to its growing range of nail gel art.  


Featuring different brands of bubble tea


The Nailicious’ bubble tea package lets you showcase your favourite bubble tea in 3D form on your nails. The brands featured are hyped up amongst Singaporeans—Tiger Sugar, Koi, The Alley, Xing Fu Tang, Gong Cha and The Black Whale cups appear with foam, pearls, brown sugar and other toppings. 

Signature drinks from each brand are the stars of this package, which features Tiger Sugar’s Brown Sugar Boba Milk, The Alley’s Brown Sugar Deerioca Fresh Milk, Koi’s Matcha Macchiato and Xing Fu Tang’s Mango Smoothie & Rabbit Panna Cotta. 


Based on its Facebook photo, the stick-on art will be slightly longer than a 10-cent coin, without being much larger. In other words, the bubble tea art will not weigh down your hands by a lot.

How to get bubble tea nail art

The Nailicious is “strictly by appointment only”, so you have to Whatsapp +65 98990720 to make an appointment and direct any further enquiries. It is closed on Tuesdays. 

Other designs

The Nailicious has a range of other intricate and interesting nail art.   


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Bubble Tea Nail Art At Far East Plaza

If you can’t live without bubble tea, you no longer have to settle for bubble tea earrings. Make an appointment with The Nailicious, get some bubble tea nail art and who knows, you might want to get The Alley’s signature drink tattooed on your arm as well.

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