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More than just home to BKK-worthy $10 apparel at Bugis Street and scented boutique stores at Haji Lane, Bugis is a tourist spot with some of Singapore’s most quirky wall murals.

Here are eight locations we’ve scoped out for you that’ll add a splash of colour to your feed with #nofilter needed. We even arranged them according to a walking trail!

1. Below the Karva Salon For Ladies

How to get here: After alighting from Bugis MRT station, take exit B and walk towards Raffles Hospital. At the junction, turn right onto Ophir Road and then turn right again into Baghdad Street and walk straight. At the second junction, turn right onto Bussorah Street.

Starting your trail from Karva’s Salon For Ladies, the painted shutters of the store are sure to complement minimalist and monochromatic outfits!

2. On the side wall of Academy Roastery Cafe

Afterwards, walk into the alleyway opposite ‘Beirut Grill’ (next door) and on your left, you’ll notice these delightful wall murals of people brewing and serving coffee.

3. On the side wall of Aliwal Arts Centre

Turn left and walk straight ahead. When you come across ‘Nur Fayidha’s Restaurant’ turn right and walk on Pahang Street, then turn right at ‘Happy Crab’ and you’ll come across the Aliwal Arts Centre. Instead of walking toward the entrance of the building, head towards the side of the building.

4. At the back of Aliwal Arts Centre

Continue walking into the back alley behind the Aliwal Arts Centre, and you’ll discover this Samurai wall mural.

5. On the side of The Sultan

Then continue walking straight ahead then turn left. You’ll be at the side of The Sultan, a shop house style boutique hotel recreated from traditional Singapore shop houses—the building even won the Urban Redevelopment Authority’s Architectural Heritage Award back in 2012!

The building’s white facade with potted plants also makes for a good #OOTD spot for you to channel those ~Tumblr vibes~.

6. Wall outside Verde Light

After walking across The Sultan’s facade, turn into the alley and walk straight till you see a row of shops. Walk straight and you’ll come across this wall mural that’ll remind you of the good ‘ol days where kids played at playgrounds instead of having their eyeballs glued to phone screens.

Wall Murals Singapore

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