Care Bears CNY

While Nike’s CNY 2021 sneakers ensure that you have cool kicks for your #OOTD shots, you’ll still need a new outfit or 2 for Chinese New Year house visiting. If you’re a fan of mixing cute and traditional, then this is where the Care Bears CNY collection comes in. 

The adorable characters have finally made their way to Singapore to launch an official online store. To celebrate this occasion and the upcoming festive season, the brand has released an exclusive collection of Chinese New Year-themed T-shirts featuring your favorite bears.

The designs

care bears cny 2021 chinese words

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The first design has 6 Care Bears putting up traditional calligraphy paper with well wishes on them for decoration. You can spot Love-a-Lot Bear and Share Bear lifting Wish Bear, who is placing the “Good Fortune” sign upside down. This act is meant to usher in good luck in Chinese culture.

For fans of Funshine Bear, there is a graphic tee with the cheery character sporting the traditional lion dance costume. The bear poses in front of a calligraphed “旺” character, which means “prosperous” in Mandarin and can be found on plenty of CNY couplets and decorations.

care bears cny greetings

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If you are attending or hosting a gathering this year, there are shirts that do the usual greetings for you. Choose between having 1 or 3 bears to greet your guests or friends and family members. 

One shirt has Tenderheart Bear, Funshine Bear and Friend Bear holding a pineapple, oranges and red packets, which are auspicious items commonly seen during this season. The other shirt, dubbed the “Back for more” tee, has Love-a-Lot Bear holding red packets and waving with her back facing outwards. The phrase “Happy New Year” written in traditional Chinese characters completes both shirts by accompanying the adorable bears.

care bears cny modern and traditional

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Celebrate Chinese New Year in 2021 by combining modernity and tradition with these 2 graphic tees. The one on the left says “Huat’s Up!”, a play on the word “huat”, which means prosperity. The saying sits above 3 of the bears, including Love-a-Lot Bear who is holding a traditional lantern and a piece of decoration usually hung on doors and walls. The piece has the “Good Fortune” character making a reappearance, only it’s the right side up this time. There are also alternate versions of this design with only Good Luck Bear and Love-a-Lot Bear alone if you have a favourite bear. 

The number 8 in Mandarin sounds similar to the word for “prosperity”, so it is often seen as the lucky number for the Chinese. On the other shirt, Love-a-Lot Bear and Funshine Bear are joined by Wish Bear and Share Bear who are holding gold ingots, oranges and a red banner.

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Valentine’s Day collection

care bears valentine's day

Another special day that coincides with the Chinese New Year period this year is Valentine’s Day. To celebrate the season of love, Care Bears has also announced a Valentine’s Day collection. Similar to the Chinese New Year series, there are also graphic tees in this collection. However, there are also pink and blue shirts that you can get to wear as couple tees with your partner. 

Care Bears’ Chinese New Year Collection Has Classic CNY Elements To Celebrate The New Year

Greet your friends and family in style with these cute Care Bears CNY graphic tees this year. All of the shirts in the CNY and Valentine’s Day collections are available for pre-order at $29.90 a piece on Care Bears Singapore’s website.

care bears cny red packets


You’ll also receive limited edition Care Bears red packets for free with every purchase while stocks last. 

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