Thai Hunks At Club Rich

Now that travelling is back in full swing, many Singaporeans are once again spotted at one of our top travel destinations — Bangkok. After all, who can say no to the short travelling time, cheap food and shiok massages?

Located in Bangkok is also the famous Sathanee Mee Hoi, a restaurant that’s home to the Thailand hunks, who are often scantily clad in lingerie and oozing with sexual confidence. If you have yet to visit the restaurant, fret not. Club Rich, a siam diu in Singapore, is bringing these Thai hunks to us for an exclusive 2-day event.

The event


For the uninitiated, these Thai hunks are best known for their intense performances. We’re talking about acts like humping their customers and giving a little strip show whenever they can. 

Upon entering Hua Mum Night Market, visitors can hear them catcalling from the other end of the market, and spot them suggestively dancing on top of railings to entice customers. They work as waiters taking your food orders, but occasionally swing their hips along to the loud blaring of music playing from the restaurant. 

Thai Hunks Club RichSource

Whether you’ve visited the restaurant in Thailand or only saw clips of them online, you know that they’ll always be down for a good time. While siam dius are often categorised by their iconic siam bus, Club Rich is switching it up by having these Thai hunks as guest appearances instead. 

Only on 25 and 26 August 2023, the Thai hunks will be making their way down to Club Rich to party with guests. Expect their iconic lingerie outfits, loud music, and of course, dance moves that involve a lot of hip thrusting.


Club Rich also uploaded a video on Instagram featuring four of the Thai hunks yelling, “Hello Club Rich, we are coming for you!” 

Thai Hunks Club RichSource

To secure a slot to see the Thai hunks up close, interested guests can RSVP on Whatsapp via Club Rich’s link in bio. This guest appearance also marks the Thai hunks’ first visit to Singapore, so make sure to secure your slots ASAP before it sells out. 

Club Rich Will Be Hosting The Viral Thai Hunks On 25 & 26 August 2023, RSVP Via Whatsapp

If you missed out on seeing these muscular Thai hunks IRL during your last visit to Bangkok, now is your chance to party with them right here in our Little Red Dot. Head over to Club Rich’s Instagram page for more information.

Club Rich
Address: 114 Middle Road, #01-01, Singapore 188971
Opening hours: 9.30pm to 3am (Sundays to Fridays)ㅣ9.30pm to 4am (Saturdays)
Contact: Call 8153 7537

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