Coffee Bean Peek-A-Boo Bear Tumblers

Earlier this year, Coffee Bean released their limited edition Winnie The Pooh spring collection to welcome 2022. Now, there are new peek-a-boo bear tumblers and mandarin orange holders to celebrate the upcoming CNY in style. Read on to learn more about these collectibles and soak into the festive spirits. 

Peek-a-boo bear tumblers

Life is full of surprises and so do these peek-a-boo bear tumblers that come in three colours ‒ mint, beige and pink.  

At first glance, they look like a simple tumbler, complete with a silicone handle for easy carrying and a motif of a bear near the bottom. It also has a “Peek a Boo!” tagline ‒ a subtle hint for what’s something different about these tumblers.

Coffee Bean Peek-A-Boo Bear Tumblers

Literal to its name, a small figurine of a bear peeks out on top when you lift the handle. Not only is it a delightful surprise, but it also helps to lift your spirits especially on draggy days.

Coffee Bean Peek-A-Boo Bear Tumblers

The 350ml tumbler is made from double-wall stainless steel which allows you to keep your beverage cold or hot for up to 6 hours. This way, you get to enjoy your teh ping chilled or your latte warm for an extra midday caffeine boost.

Each peek-a-boo bear tumbler retails at $16.90. Currently, Coffee Bean is also having a promotion and you can bring home two of the tumblers at $29.90 and three at $39.90. 

Mandarin orange holders

Exchanging mandarin oranges is a tradition during CNY when doing house visits. Instead of piling up the mandarin oranges in your kitchen, keep them using this chio holder from Coffee Bean. 

Coffee Bean Peek-A-Boo Bear Tumblers

The mandarin orange holder is originally flat, but it forms up into a basket with just a couple of folds. As an additional feature, it is secured with snap buttons so you won’t have to worry about it coming loose halfway. 

Since there are also handles on the side, you can transport the mandarin oranges easily when serving guests. 

Coffee Bean Peek-A-Boo Bear Tumblers

Depending on which colour you prefer, the mandarin orange holders are available in blue and pink. They also have gold accents on the rims and the logo of Coffee Bean, providing you with extra fortune luck this CNY. 

Even when the festive occasion is over, the mandarin orange holder will still come in handy as a fruit holder. 

The mandarin orange holder is available for purchase at $9.90 when you order a cup of Sea Salt Caramel Mocha Ice Blended. 

Spruce Up Your CNY Preparation With These Tumblers And Mandarin Orange Holders

With CNY approaching real soon, these collectibles from Coffee Bean are a great way to spruce up your decorations. The peek-a-boo tumblers and mandarin orange holders are available for purchase at all Coffee Bean outlets except EXPO and Marina Bay Sands respectively. Since the items are limited edition, make sure to get them before they are sold out. 

All images courtesy of Coffee Bean

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