Locally-Made Covid Earrings 

Nowadays, it seems you can turn almost anything into accessories, like a fashionable pair of earrings. But Covid earrings? Not something you hear of everyday. 

These locally made earrings and keychains by Annie’s Crumbs are miniature versions of Covid-related items, including TraceTogether token, test kits and even vaccine vials. With the intricate detailing and unique designs, these earrings will make the perfect gift in today’s pandemic era.

The earrings

tracetogether earrings

Let’s be honest, every time a new TraceTogether token comes out, we get a little kiasu over the adorable designs. These earrings are miniature versions of the token and are a great addition to any outfit — if only we could actually use them to check into shops and malls too.

If you’re not one for dangly earrings, there’s also a keychain version of the token and all the other pieces in this collection. 

vaccinse earrings

As most of us are either already vaccinated or waiting for our appointment date, you can wear these earrings and flex your vaccination status. Shaped to look like vials of the Covid vaccine, they have bright rep caps and are designed to look like the real deal. 

test tube earrings

The next pair are these test tube earrings, detailed with tags on each bottle. For extra laughs, pair them with some red corduroy pants and complete the look with a tube top. 

test kit earrings

With the new test kits available, you no longer have to queue for hours outside a neighbourhood GP to get tested. These home test kit earrings are the ideal gift for any of your friends who’ve just finished serving their SHN — just remember to be safe when meeting up. 

safe distancing ambassador earrings

Our silent heroes dressed in red and everybody’s best friend are none other than Safe Distancing Ambassadors. If you have one as a friend, why not gift them this pair of earrings that are identical to the tags they wear around their neck when patrolling. They’re a fitting way to show appreciation for their hours looking out for the safety of all of us. 

All the earrings are priced at $12.90 a pair or $13.90 if you want sterling silver hooks, while the keychains are $8.90 each. 

These Covid Earrings Will Up Your Fashion Game And Remind You To Keep Safe

All the earrings can be purchased on Carousell or you can fill up the order form here. If you’ve been on the hunt for a pair of unique, quirky earrings, these are pieces worth considering. 

Or, if you have a buddy who keeps forgetting to bring out their TraceTogether token, why not get these for them as a daily reminder. 

All images courtesy of Annie’s Crumbs

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