Dating App Messages

Between cringey pickup lines and sexual propositions, the conversation openers made by guys on dating apps range from being kind of sad to a little confounding to absolutely rage-inducing.

For your viewing pleasure, I’ve compiled a list of the most horrifying/hilarious/ridiculous messages my friends and I have had the honour of receiving.

1. The Internet Savvy One

If at first you don’t succeed, ask the girl something inappropriate.

2. The Charmer

Why are you so angry?

3. The Cunnilinguist

Something tells me you’re probably not that good at it.

4. The Overconfident Guy

I hope I can use that thicker object to wrap my hair up.

5. The One Who Dreams

At least he’s spot-on about the fact that I would never, ever, be keen.

6. The One With Sharp Eyes

Nice severely lacking sense of self-awareness.

7. The One With A Postscript Question

I want to sign all my work emails off with this now.

8. The Well-Endowed Brazilian

Definitely overcompensating.

9. The One I Should Definitely Trust

I think I’ll pass, dude.

10. The One Who Drives A Sports Vehicle

No, and please use your sportscar to drive away from me.

11. The Curious One

Wonderful conversation starter.

12. The One Who Asks The Hard-hitting Questions

Honest and also inappropriate.

Using A Dating App

There are so many awesome, cool people on these sites, but when your inbox is inundated with messages like these, it’s hard to not deactivate your online dating account.

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