Disney x Coach 2019 Collection

2019 is going to be a year filled with magic wishes, flying carpets and singing animals. Disney’s live-action remake of Dumbo hits theatres this month, and we’ve all seen the teasers and trailers for the upcoming remakes of Aladdin and The Lion King.

And if you want to show your love for your favourite characters beyond the big screen, the latest Disney x Coach collection hits just the right balance of nostalgia and style.

The featured products are now available in stores and you can view the full collection online.

Left to right:
Aristocats Oversized Hoodie ($350)
Oversize Crocodile Intarsia ($650)

Emphasis on animal characters

Past collaborations between the two brands have featured Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. This time around, if you are an animal lover, Coach’s new Disney collaboration will definitely have something for you.

First of all, flying elephant Dumbo shows up on bags, purses, and even necklaces and earrings.  

Clockwise from top left (sizes not to scale):
Disney Print Callie ($650)
Dumbo Necklace ($165)
Dumbo Huggie Earring ($220)
Dumbo Turnlock Wristlet 30 ($595)
Dumbo Tote ($325)

Even if you’re no Cruella De Vil, you won’t be able to resist dalmatian puppies appearing on your fashion merchandise.  

Left to right (sizes not to scale):
Camera Bag With Dalmatian ($525)
Dalmatian Tote ($325)
Disney Print Kisslock Coin Pouch ($325)

Vintage Disney movies celebrated

Coach’s new collection also features classic Disney movies that were a childhood staple for many of us. For example, the whimsical Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan are embellished on clutch bags and handbags.

What’s particularly exciting is that these character prints are finished off in iridescent sequins, giving these products added texture and depth.  

Embellished Alice Coated Canvas Signature Riley ($1,100)

Peter Pan Frame Bag 23 ($990)

Finally, unisex monochrome T-shirts and hoodies let you celebrate your childhood while being on-trend at the same time. They might also make a great gift for your boyfriend.

Left to right:
Printed Silo Hoodie ($295)
Printed Silo T-Shirt ($140)

Disney x Coach Collaboration Allows Us To Relive Our Favourite Childhood Movies

Age might have gotten the better of us, but these Coach products with a dash of Disney magic remind us to dream again. Like Dumbo and Peter Pan, we can fly if we allow our imagination to take flight.

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All images via Coach