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Believe it or not, it has been almost 4 years since the pandemic, and many of us were impacted by the economic downturn that followed. While some Singaporeans struggled with job hunting after getting laid off, there were a handful of us who managed to find a silver lining during difficult times. 

Among them is DJ Sakura, who found herself forced to put her career on hold after learning that she wouldn’t be able to perform in clubs and events. However, her job loss turned out to be a blessing in disguise because she later gained recognition by creating an OnlyFans account. Find out how she went against all odds to become the successful DJ and content creator she is today.   


Going against her family and working as a DJ

Despite having been a DJ for six years, DJ Sakura admitted becoming a DJ was never her aspiration during her younger years. She had little knowledge of nightlife, including clubbing and partying, until she turned 18. 

“I was scouted by a female DJ agency and they thought I was suitable to give DJ-ing a try,” DJ Sakura shared. “I was open to the idea of trying something new, and DJ-ing sounded like fun.”

She signed a two-year contract and told herself that she could always pursue a different path in case the DJ route didn’t work out. Since she was young, she was motivated to put herself out there and explore various career options. 

Fortunately, she enjoyed her job so much that she later extended her contract with the agency. 

“The agency provided me with DJ-ing classes, and they were also able to help me source for gigs,” DJ Sakura explained. 

Despite her burgeoning career as a DJ, her mother never liked or approved of her line of work. 

“She always wanted me to commit to a traditional and stable 9-to-6 job,” DJ Sakura said. “I don’t think she was ever 100% supportive of what I did.”

Given the differing mindsets between DJ Sakura and her mother, it was challenging to convince her mother that DJ-ing is a respectable job. However, witnessing how DJ Sakura was able to bring home the bacon, her mother eventually decided to let it go. 

Nevertheless, it still doesn’t mean that her mother fully accepts her career. 

Starting an OnlyFans account during the pandemic

DJ Sakura OnlyFans

DJ Sakura’s career hit a rough patch when the pandemic peaked in 2020. With clubs closed and large gatherings forbidden, DJ Sakura faced an abrupt dip in income. She was unable to perform during the lockdown, leading to financial instability. 

“I wasn’t the only one who was affected, many in the same industry completely lost their jobs,” DJ Sakura commented. 

Uncertain about when the nightlife scene would return to normal, DJ Sakura knew she had to explore other avenues to make ends meet. After weighing her options, she decided to open an OnlyFans account in the second year of the pandemic. 

“I had friends who were on OnlyFans, and they told me to create an account,” DJ Sakura shared. “I didn’t have any negative impressions about the platform because I was already part of Ko-Fi, another similar social media where I receive money from donors.”

Additionally, DJ Sakura was a seasoned cosplayer accustomed to doing risque photoshoots. She decided that creating an OnlyFans account could serve as a temporary financial aid, and there was no harm in trying it out. 

“I gathered a team to help me out with photoshoots, and we drew inspiration by browsing photoshoots done by other creators,” DJ Sakura mentioned. 

Interestingly, one of her team members was Chanel Yui, who has been friends with her for a long time. DJ Sakura was also the one who later convinced Chanel to kickstart her own OnlyFans account. 

With DJ Sakura’s shift in online presence, many of her fans who knew her since she became a DJ were “concerned” and even asked if she was alright. 

“I actually had to explain to them that I was doing fine, and I found it sweet that people cared about me,” DJ Sakura said. 

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Making friends with other creators and building her career 

Networking is hella important, no matter what industry you are in. By connecting with fellow OnlyFans creators, DJ Sakura began to build a bigger presence on the platform. Her efforts eventually paid off as she was later invited to attend an adults-only cosplaying event called Costica Singapore, where she gained even more followers. 

“I am currently working without an agency, so I need to rely on connections to secure gigs and DJ-ing opportunities,” DJ Sakura shared.

As a cherry on top, these creators also became close friends of hers since they could relate to the ups and downs of being OnlyFans creators. Thanks to them, DJ Sakura was also able to receive many work opportunities. 

“I’m the kind of person who prefers to work harmoniously with other creators instead of seeing them as competition,” DJ Sakura said. 

This is evident on DJ Sakura’s social media, as many of her posts feature collaborations with other creators. She even mentioned that she looks up to Malaysian OnlyFans creator MsPuiyi, and hopes to work with her one day.  

Addressing stereotypes and challenges faced  

DJ Sakura OnlyFans

However, DJ Sakura’s newfound success as an OnlyFans creator while taking on DJ gigs came with a price to pay ‒ her health. 

“There were many instances when I worked continuously for a week before getting a chance to rest,” DJ Sakura explained. 

To elaborate, DJ Sakura’s irregular working hours also meant sacrificing her social life and alone time. Prioritising work over rest, she hopes to earn as much money as possible while she is young. 

“There will be a time in life when I eventually step down from the DJ industry, and before that, I want to “hustle” as much as I can,” DJ Sakura revealed. 

She hopes that by sharing more about her work, she will be able to address some of the common stereotypes people have about DJs and OnlyFans creators. For example, she disagrees with the notion that you only need to be “pretty” to become a DJ. 

“It is important to have proper DJ-ing skills, and I know many colleagues who actually work hard to constantly improve their skills, such as music production,” DJ Sakura commented. 

Adding on, she shares that a lot of effort happens behind the scenes, and DJs don’t just work at night. The same goes for OnlyFans creators.  

“Some people think we only need to pose in a sexy manner,” DJ Sakura pointed out. 

Instead, detailed planning is required for every photoshoot, and it takes a long time for a crew to come up with a concept. Since DJ Sakura also weighs quality over quantity, she wishes that more people would understand that being an OnlyFans creator doesn’t mean “easy” money. 

Future plans and advice to those interested in becoming a DJ

DJ Sakura OnlyFans

Embracing her roles as a DJ, an OnlyFans creator, and a cosplayer, DJ Sakura finds joy in every opportunity she has, and plans to continue taking on three jobs. When asked about her future goals and plans, DJ Sakura intends to put up her own mixes on the internet, and plans to play on more stages next year. 

As parting advice to those who are keen on joining the DJ-ing industry, she recommends “starting with learning from other DJs and enrolling in DJ schools to gain enough knowledge before fully committing to the job.” 

DJ Sakura’s Story Shows That It Is Possible To Rise Up Against All Odds

Instead of judging a person’s career choice, it is always better to understand where they are coming from. DJ Sakura’s story shows that she is a resilient person, and despite life’s hurdles, she is capable of turning them into stepping stones to further her career. 

All images courtesy of DJ Sakura.
Cover: Images courtesy of DJ Sakura.

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