Singaporeans Can Be Entitled Without Knowing

In most social media conflicts, it quickly becomes apparent who is the entitled one. Unfortunately, for the people involved, it’s often difficult to observe their own sense of entitlement until things blow up.

Before you spout, “Is it because I’m [insert race]?” when you face what you deem to be an injustice, take this quiz to find out how entitled you are

When you hop on a taxi/Grab/Go-Jek, you:

Go-Jek Community Facebook

On the public bus, you:

Gina See, Artstation

On the MRT, you:

Gina See, Artstation

At the hawker centre, you:

The Straits TImes

On the public paths and roads, you:

Asher Mak

You own a HDB today because:

Asher Mak

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