Foodpanda Mahjong Set

It was only earlier this January when Singapore-born panda Le Le returned to China. If you’re still feeling a tad upset about his departure, Foodpanda has a new all-pink mahjong set that might cheer panda lovers up. Featuring its adorable mascot Pau-Pau, the mahjong set is bound to impress your kakis this Chinese New Year. 

The set

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Similar to how most mahjong sets come in portable cases, this one by Foodpanda is no exception. The metal case showcases an adorable illustration of Pau-Pau pressing its face onto the case, with motifs of mahjong tiles and playing chips on the exterior. 

Once you open the case, you’ll be greeted by three layers of mahjong tiles, and 40 chips in different colours. Not to mention, the pink lining inside the case adds a touch of sophistication, making this mahjong set a collector’s must-have.  

Foodpanda Mahjong SetSource

What makes the Foodpanda mahjong set stand out from the rest is its inspiration from Pau-Pau. Instead of the usual mahjong tile designs, the set features some of the pink panda’s favourite items, like bamboo stems, paw prints, and bowls of food.  

More Pau-Pau details can also be found on the playing chips ‒ an outline of its face in white. 


As much as we’d love to purchase it, the playing set can only be won by completing five orders via the Foodpanda app. According to Foodpanda, the exclusive mahjong set will be rewarded to 30 top spenders who complete a stamp card.

More information on how to win the mahjong set is available on the Foodpanda app.

Update: Foodpanda is also running a giveaway for the mahjong set on Instagram from now till 7 February 2024. Nine lucky participants will receive the exclusive mahjong set, so don’t miss out on this rare opportunity.

The Foodpanda Mahjong Set Is A Dream Come True For Pink & Panda Lovers

You can never have too many mahjong sets, and the exclusive Foodpanda mahjong set is perfect to have this Chinese New Year. With that said, don’t miss out on the chance to make it yours. 

For more mahjong set designs, check out this Hello Kitty mahjong set by McDonald’s Hong Kong.

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