Getting A Boob Job In Singapore

Growing up, I used to think that having a big bust was what made a girl attractive thanks to how the media sexualised women. While I later learned that it was not the case, I was sick of hearing others giving “cute” nicknames to my small chest like itty bitty and bee sting

For someone like me who identifies as a flat-chested person, getting a boob job as a permanent solution did cross my mind. Although I didn’t go ahead with the procedure, I’ve done my fair share of research to know what are the dos and don’ts. 

In case you’re curious yourself, below is a guide to getting a boob job in Singapore, with specifics such as the type of breast implants, potential risk, and recovery downtime. 

Disclaimer: This guide is put together by research. By no means are we providing medical advice.


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Before walking into any aesthetic clinic, you should first consider the motivation behind getting a boob job. It is easy to say that you want to look bustier, but you might want to think deeper and ask yourself why you want to look bustier. 

Is it for personal satisfaction or societal pressure? ‒ These are the questions you should be asking yourself before you commit to an irreversible decision.  

Once you decide that you’re all in on the journey of getting a boob guide, the first thing to consider is the type of breast implant. 

Types of breast implants

For starters, there are two types of breast implants ‒ saline and silicone. As its name suggests, saline implants are filled with sterile salt water, whereas silicone inserts are made with silicone gel, which has a slightly more “natural” feel to it. Since silicone implants “replicate” breast tissue, they are also soft to the touch, and much lighter.  

However, there are people who prefer saline implants for practical reasons. They come with a cheaper price tag, and require a smaller incision during the surgery ‒ the surgeon inserts the empty implants and fills them up afterward.  


There’s more to just choosing the material of the implants ‒ you also have to decide on the shape. Popular picks include the teardrop since it mimics the natural shape and contour of an actual breast. Those who prefer a fuller and perkier bust tend to opt for round-shaped implants instead.  

Of course, you also have to make a decision on the texture of the implants: textured or smooth. The former lowers the possibility of your implants shifting, but it has a higher risk of causing inflammation. On the other hand, smooth implants tend to last longer than textured implants, and have less risk of rippling. 

Thankfully, with the advancement of technology, there are now also nano-textured implants. These innovations are more compatible with one’s body and less likely to cause complications. 

Since the saying: “the bigger the better” no longer appeals to most people these days, it is best to understand the look you wish to achieve after getting a boob job. This way, it will be easier for you to decide the type of implant once you nail down your desired result. 

Type of procedures – implant positioning and costs


Fun fact: getting breast implants is not the only boob job method. There is also fat transfer, which uses excess fat cells from a patient’s body to inject into the breasts. But before we dive into the latter procedure, find out more about breast implant surgery. 

Generally, the surgery typically takes more than an hour for the surgeon to insert the implants. However, depending on your body type and the implants you’re getting, the incision of the breast implants differs for every person. 

You can expect three locations for your surgeon to insert the implants ‒ the base of your breast, armpit, and pigmented section around your nipple. For reference, most patients choose to have the implants go under their breasts so that the scars will be less visible. 


Additionally, you also get to choose where you wish the implants to be placed inside your body. There are two options, namely either in front of the chest muscle or behind. 

The first method is recommended for those who already have a decent amount of breast tissue so that the result will appear more natural. Patients who opt for this method tend to experience lesser discomfort since the chest muscle is not involved in the procedure.  

Yet, most patients choose to go with the second method since the chest muscle provides the support needed for a natural-looking result. This is a popular option, especially for those with little breast tissue.  

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Moving on to fat transfer, this method is considered a more natural way of breast augmentation since it uses the patient’s fat body cells for an optimal result. This means there is a lower risk of side effects and complications.

Patients will first undergo liposuction to extract the fats from areas with large excesses such as thighs and buttocks. Then, the extracted fat will be processed and purified before they are carefully injected into the breasts. 

As expected, there is always a catch. This method of breast augmentation is more natural, but you might need several sessions of fat transfer to achieve your desired bust size. Since only about 70% of the transferred fat will remain in the chest, there is also a chance that the fat will be reabsorbed by the body.  

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Adding to your list of considerations is also the cost of getting a boob job. Based on the rates by Allure Plastic Surgery, breast implants begin from $11,888 whereas a fat transfer procedure starts from $10,000 in Singapore. However, considering how you have to replace breast implants every 5 to 7 years, you will need to plan your budget for the long run. 

Note that you won’t be able to use Medisave to offset the costs of the surgery since the procedure is considered a cosmetic rather than a medical one. 

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Risks involved


As with every invasive procedure, they come with risks, and breast augmentation falls into that category too. Even if you might have a successful surgery, chances are, you might only be affected by the side effects much later.

During the procedure, you will be exposed to uncertainties such as anesthesia complications and bleeding. After the surgery, there are chances of infection, undesirable nipple position, wrinkling of skin around the implant, and even rapture. 

Prior to signing any consent forms and undergoing the procedure, it is always recommended to clarify with your surgeon, and fully understand the health issues you may encounter.


Exercises are only allowed around 4 to 6 weeks after surgery
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When it comes to recovering, breast augmentation is an outpatient procedure so you won’t need to stay overnight. It is normal to experience bruising and swelling, but you will also be able to return to work around 2 to 3 days after the procedure depending on the nature of your occupation. 

While the first few days after the procedure are usually the most uncomfortable, patients would be given painkillers to ease the pain. 

Since it is also common to experience chest soreness and tightness, doctors would advise against heavy lifting and upper body exercises for at least 2 weeks after the procedure. This means frequent gym-goers would have to put their membership on hold for the time being. 

According to Dream Plastic Surgery, most patients tend to fully recover in 2 months’ time. Even then, it is important to schedule follow-up sessions to track recovery progress and address any health concerns.  


Getting A Boob Job In Singapore

This might sound hard for caffeine addicts, but a speedy recovery will require them to cut down on beverages that contain caffeine ‒ the sodium in them can cause water retention, which makes it harder to reduce swelling. The solution? Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated.  

As the saying goes: “no pain, no gain”. Patients might even have to change the way they sleep for a smooth recovery. They are recommended to sleep on their back or even at an elevated position since the latter will benefit anti-swelling and prevent water retention. This way, it prevents overstretching of the breast tissues. 

To hold the chest in place, a surgical bra has to be worn by the patient for 4 to 6 weeks. Although some might find it uncomfortable, note that the accessory will be useful in reducing the risk of a muscle pull. 

Getting A Boob Job In Singapore

Not many might know about this too, but drivers would also have to check in with their surgeons on how soon they can return to driving. Since there is a risk of accidental pulling of muscles due to sudden jerky movements, driving can result in unwanted rupture of breast implants. 

As a rule of thumb, always consult your surgeon and follow the advice that they give you. 

Finding the right surgeon

Do plenty of research and read reviews from past clients of aesthetic clinics
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Similar to how you won’t sign on the first contractor you reach out to for your house’s renovation, be comfortable with going for consultations at different clinics to find the right surgeon. 

Certain surgeons have their own way of doing things, and it may or may not be something that you’re comfortable with. Since different aesthetics clinics also offer various packages and rates, there is no harm in asking for more details to plan your budget.

Don’t forget to share with the surgeon your desired results, concerns, and medical history so they can better advise the outcome and potential recovery period. Note that communication is essential in this journey, so you need to find a credible surgeon that you can trust and are comfortable with. 

Rather than being tempted by a place that offers the cheapest option, remember to also search on Google for certified clinics and hospitals that offer breast augmentation procedures in Singapore. After all, the last thing you’d want is a botched surgery. Yikes.  

Getting A Boob Job In Singapore Requires More Than Just Finding An Aesthetic Clinic

Getting a boob job is a life-changing moment so there is nothing wrong with being extra careful and meticulous when it comes to deciding on the right surgeon and aesthetic clinic. As long as you feel confident and happy after getting the procedure, it doesn’t matter what others might think.

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