Growing Up with Sisters

When this tiny person popped out, I knew that somehow my life would change. It kinda took me long enough to appreciate what a gift she is in my life; sans the borrowing of clothes which will disappear forever and seven missed calls just to find out what time she’ll be home. Just so you know, she currently holds the spot for being the most loving, grounded and realest person I know.

Here are 10 reasons why growing up with a sister is infuriatingly… enjoyable (ugh):

1. You get to practice to be a parent

Yo sis, where are you. What time are you coming back. Who are you with. Can you call me ASAP?

Go through either of our texts at night and you’ll find that it all starts with this after seven missed calls from me. As much as I hate being a killjoy, I just want to know what’s she up to at 2.00am and if she’s doing fine outside. And if she’s not, know this people: I can tell you I don’t have money but I do have a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long career.

2. Women stuff do not faze me anymore

Sanitary pads, Ben’s & Jerry’s and I have become frenemies. I get to be on the front-row seat when it comes to cramps, aches and rants about ripping out the uterus. Probably one reason why I gave up strawberry jam. Thanks sis. And you owe me one for curling in bed with your sweat-drenched training gear.

3. There’s someone to take the blame for you

As a kid, it’s always nice to be able to point fingers at somebody else for the broken glass on the floor, the drawings on the wall and the dent on the cupboards. After all, who is the one that’s more prone to causing problems—the older and supposedly quiet brother or the younger and (really) noisy sister? Thanks sis, for taking one for the team.

4. She’s your excuse to watch chick flicks

When I start saying things like “On Wednesdays, we wear pink”, I can always follow up with saying that I watched Mean Girls with my sister only four times.

5. You have a person to cry to without worrying about what society thinks

I remember after a bad quarrel at home, I walked into her room, sat at the foot of her bed and started sobbing big time, whiny-kids-on-the-train style. Knowing that she was there with me made everything better. Sisters have the insight scoop that society likes to hide: that men can be blubbering babies of visceral emotions as well.

6. We live through the same memories

Come on, we literally grew up together. Her dressing up in a princess costume for a photoshoot always makes for a good laugh. We get to talk about how awkward we were, how things are like now (as though much changed) and how our future will look like. With my friends, there’s always a need to catch up on what’s going on in our lives but with her, she lived through it with me.

7. She’s your free teacher

She taught you to be responsible, caring, loyal, loving, thoughtful and so much more—just by existing.

8. More servings of food

When she orders too much sushi and feels bad about wasting food after thinking about starving kids in Africa, don’t worry. Brothers by nature are bottomless pits and have been biologically designed to eat all the dinners. We have your back, so pass the plate and plump me up for the day of slaughter. I know what you’re plotting.

9. Understanding fashion

Yeah sis, you look horrible in that thingy. Rompers are troublesome when you need to pee and just forget about that dip-dye top. What on earth is the difference between a pencil skirt, skater skirt and bandage skirt? I rather skrrt skrrt back into my room to laze with my guitar.

I thought I knew what’s cool and what’s not until I got exposed to the world of female clothing, though I still have no idea why my sister likes to repeatedly steal my tops.

10. Being able to cut through female bullshit


After living with her for the past 18 years, I am pretty confident about the yes-or-no game when it boils down to it. When I get weird texts from girls and have no idea what to say, she’s my answer sheet.

Family Comes First

Thanks sis, for being the enemy I can’t live without. Eew.