Kirby Pancake Maker 

If you’re a fan of Super Mario, then spending the day on your Nintendo Switch racing away would sound like a heavenly way to spend your year-end break. But before you get into your lazy day routine, why not kickstart the morning with a plate full of Kirby pancakes?  

Yes, Nintendo has now launched a Kirby pancake maker that has the character’s face etched into the trays, so you can whip up a Mario-themed breakfast and get into the mood of playing the game. Read on to find out more about the device.

The device 


The pancake maker comes in a portable size and is coloured baby pink and peach to match the thematic colours of Kirby. On the top, you’ll spot the adorable Mario character printed in 2 different forms in the middle. 

Kirby pancake maker

The real surprise comes in when you open the device – on both the top and bottom, Kirby’s face is engraved into the trays, which allows you to make pancakes stamped with the character. 

Kirby pancake

This means, not only will you be getting perfectly round pancakes, but there’ll be Kirby’s smiling face to greet you as you munch away on your brekkie – a delight for kids and the young at heart. 

As the device is made in Japan, you’ll need to use an adapter in order to plug it into a local power supply. 

With the device, you can even have a go at surprising a loved one with a whole spread of food to accompany the pancakes – even if it’s just to get that IG-worthy content. 

The pancake maker is priced at US$89.99 (~S$123.18). 

This Kirby Device Will Help Serve Up Some Pancakes That Look Too Good To Eat

While you prep for your next video game day at home, this Kirby pancake maker will ensure that you don’t forget to get something to eat between plays. The pancake maker will be available from December 2021 on the Nintendo Soup website and ships worldwide. 

All images courtesy of Nintendo Soup.

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