Korean Couple Outfit Trends

Gone are the days where couple outfits were matching His & Hers T-shirts with one-half of a heart plastered on them. Today, couple outfits are tastefully coordinated and much less of an eyesore for passersby.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we decided to look to Korea, the birthplace of the couple outfit trend, to find replicable looks for Singaporean couples to try out.

1. Coordinate with stripes


On Him: Men’s Striped Long Sleeve Shirt (S$17.16) | Black Shorts (~S$5.44)
On Her: Women’s Striped Long Sleeve Shirt (S$11.31) | Black Skirt (~S$3.69)

A staple in everyone’s wardrobes, the striped shirt is gender-neutral, easy to match, and something your boyfriend won’t be embarrassed to wear with you.

2. Get matching bomber jackets


On Him: Grey Bomber Jacket (~S$35.38) | Red Hat (~S$7.96)
On Her: White Bomber Jacket (~S$35.38) | Blue Hat (~S$8.17)

For the hypebeasts and hypebaes, wearing matching bomber jackets can take your streetwear game up a notch.

3. Use a flannel top as outerwear


On Him: Flannel Shirt (S$14.46) | Red Hat (~S$22.61) | Jeans (~S$12.14)
On Her: Flannel Shirt (S$14.46) | Jeans (~S$45.64)

Flannel shirts are great for layering when the weather gets a little chilly. But if you don’t have any, you can always dive deep into your boyfriend’s closet for a spare shirt. For a more form-fitting look, pair the oversized shirt with skinny jeans.

4. Stick to neutrals with greys and whites


On Him:Men’s Grey Top (~S$43.55) | Jeans (~S$12.14) | Metallic Sneakers (~S$30.57)
On Her: Basic Grey Top (~S$24.99) | White Skirt (S$7.55) | Metallic Sandals (S$10.26)

You don’t have to wear the exact same design to be #twinning. Pick neutral basic tops within the same colour scheme to switch things up. For extra pizzazz, wear metallic kicks to complete the look.

5. Wear matching patterns


On Him: Yellow Shirt (~S$14.65) | Black Chinos (~S$28.89) | Black Tote (~S$7.54)
On Her: Mustard Yellow Dress(~S$13.71) | Black Sling Bag (~S$8.35) | Black Beret (~S$8.79)

For days when you’re feeling bright and bold, opt for matching patterns that can be toned down with monochrome accessories for a more wearable look. Alternatively, the more adventurous souls can pick the same pattern in various sizes.

6. Wear a pop of colour


On Him: Red High Cuts (~S$229.42) | Black Long-Sleeved Top (~S$37.27) | Black Jeans (~S$17.17)
On Her: Red Tote Bag (S$38.35) | Black Shirt (S$15.70) | Black Loose Trousers (~S$29.10)

You can never go wrong with an all-black ensemble, but an added splash of colour can make both your outfits pop. Pick your favourite colour, wear accessories in said shade, and you’re good to go.

7. Look classy with matching suits


On Him: Men Grey Casual Suit (~S$27.01) | Black Sneakers (~S$16.54)
On Her: Women Grey Casual Suit (~S$24.91) | White sneakers (~S$6.70)

Look every bit the power couple with a smart and sharp monochrome two-piece suit that will carry you from the office to the bar.

8. Layer with denim


On Him: Ripped Denim Jeans (S$16.18) | White Sweater (~S$12.56) | Black Hat (~S$4.61)
On Her: Denim Pinafore (S$14.07) | White Long-Sleeved Shirt (~S$11.26) | Red Hat (~S$8.79)

Instead of going for the typical white-shirt-blue-jeans couple look, pull on a pinafore dress for a more feminine vibe to match your boyfriend’s denim jeans.

9. Match accessories instead of clothes


On Him: Striped Long Sleeve Shirt (~S$26.80) | Khaki Pants (~S$3.98) | Navy Blue Beanie (~S$16.54)
On Her: Pinafore Dress (~S$31.20) | Striped Sweater (~S$16.33) | Low Cut Converse (~S$45.85) | Navy Blue Beanie (~S$16.54)

If you can’t find similar clothing to wear, match accessories such as hats, shades and shoes instead.

Matching Couple Outfits

Even if you and bae aren’t the PDA-sort, you can still declare your relationship through matching outfits without having to risk getting stares and “tsks” from single people.