Love, Bonito x Kāi 

With our hectic schedule, it is easy to forget about slowing down to appreciate what we already have. Reminding us of the importance of self-care and the power we hold, Love, Bonito has collaborated with lifestyle brand Kāi by Christabel Chua for an inspiring day-to-day collection that includes bucket hats, socks, and cold cups.

Bucket hat

ICYMI, bucket hats have proven they aren’t a fad – they are here to stay. In this collection, Love, Bonito and Kāi treat bucket hat lovers to an aesthetically-pleasing design in khaki.  

Love, Bonito x Kāi 

Cast your gaze to the centre of the bucket hat where an embroidered smiley face greets you on the front. On the back, you’ll also find letterings of “All Powered Up”, which gives you a lil’ motivational boost. 

Since the bucket hat is perfect for shielding our faces from the glaring sun, stay stylish when you explore a new hiking trail or unwind at the beach. 


Love, Bonito x Kāi The orange-rimmed sock has a yellow smiley face and vice versa

Put a smile on your face when you have these adorable socks on your feet. Designed with either a yellow or orange rim on each sock, the accessory comes with the same smiley face motif as seen on the aforementioned bucket hat.

The simple design is perfect for minimalists since the socks make a subtle fashion statement while also showing off your personality. 

Cold cup

Nothing beats sipping on a cup of chilled beverage, especially when we live in a humid country like Singapore. Stay hydrated and quench your thirst with the Love, Bonito x Kāi cold cup.

The see-through drinkware is adorned with colourful sketches such as logos of the two brands, smiley faces, rainbows, and cherries. This means when you use it to store drinks like a latte or soymilk, the adorable motifs will show up clearly for an instant perk-me-up. Other details of the cold cup include a pink lid and a reusable straw.

Embrace Self-Care With The Love, Bonito x Kāi Collaboration

From 27 March 2023, the Love, Bonito x Kāi collection will be available for redemption when customers hit a minimum spending. 

Interested folks can bring home a pair of socks when they spend a minimum of $120, and a bucket hat when they spend a minimum of $140. A cold cup is also theirs when they spend a minimum of $160 at any Love, Bonito outlets and on their online store

More information can be found on Love, Bonito’s official website

All images courtesy of Love, Bonito.

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