Korean Ramyeon, Bubble Tea And Mahjong Earrings

These mahjong, bubble tea and Korean ramyeon earrings are sure to capture some “Oh my god, where did you get them?” comments throughout the day. 

Best of all, they are super wallet-friendly, beginning from S$0.83. 

Mahjong-themed earrings

Your favourite mahjong tiles are now available as earrings from this Ezbuy store. Whether you favour the ang tiong, 8 bamboo or 5 thousand tile, you can hang a mini version of them on your ears.

mahjong earringsCompare these earrings to the 1 yuan coin in the middle of the picture to get an estimate of their sizes. The mini tiles should help you to huat at your next mahjong gathering and are a subtle nod to your love for the game.

blue green mahjong earringsBesides the pretty pink, you can get the more traditional green-backed tiles, which might impress your grandmother. Blue-backed tiles are also available, if that is your favourite colour.   

Bubble tea and beverage-themed earrings 

If you enjoy queueing up for Gong Cha or KOI, check out these adorable milk tea earrings with tapioca pearls.

The alternative lilac and pink colours can indicate your preference for taro or strawberry milk. 

Perhaps your go-to drink is fruit-infused water for extra vitamins. The watermelon or strawberry slices will bobble up and down when you hang these earrings on your ears.

 Or how about beer-glass earrings, the perfect accessory for happy hour?

Instant-noodle earrings

There is nothing that satisfies like some spicy Korean ramyeon on a rainy night. Celebrate your love for Shin Ramyeon with this pair that resembles its packaging. 

Tantalise the taste buds of your friends when you don these instant-noodle earrings in a bright green or orange packaging. 

Other designs

There are other designs to choose from that might appeal to you.

These macaron earrings look good enough to eat, and cost a fraction of what a real macaron would.

Oreo earrings with their delicious creamy filling will make you an irresistible treat.

Look like a ‘snacc’ when you dangle these McDonald’s-french-fries earrings upon your ears. Curry sauce is not included.

Mahjong, Bubble Tea And Korean Ramen Earrings

Cop these mahjong, bubble tea and ramyeon earrings at their Ezbuy store. Unlike real food, they will have a much longer shelf-life!

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