Maybelline Loaded Bolds Lipsticks Review

In a time where the masses are going gaga for holographic highlighters and unicorn #aesthetics, Maybelline has taken a bold yet wearable approach to beauty.

With Hypercolour pigments and an opaque clay base, the new Loaded Bolds line of lipsticks are set to make your beauty look pop. One thing’s for sure, there’s nothing boring or “safe” about these 12 new shades that launched in May 2017 in Singapore.

Whether you prefer classic reds or electric blues, the new bold shades are surprisingly easy to apply and don’t require you to cake on the colour.

Because of our FOMO, we decided to test out ALL 12 shades on two ZULA tributes of different skin tones.

P.S We didn’t use a lip liner ’cause #ain’tnobodygottimefodat (just kidding). So if you want a really defined edge, use a lip liner. Or if you prefer a gradient effect, blend the edges out with a cotton swab.


#08 Sunny Coral

Coral can appear alarmingly orange but actually complements most skin tones well with its reddish finish.

#11 Raspberry Rendezvous

This pinkish-red shade shows up noticeably different on warm and cool skin tones. It leaves a pinker finish for cool-toned skin tones and a redder finish for warm-toned skin tones.

#13 Fierce Fuchsia

This vibrant shade screams fun and flirty with the fuchsia Barbie-esque hue.

#07 Dynamite Red

If you’re looking for a red with warm undertones, this shade is for you. With a hint of orange, this lippy is great for a vibrant summertime look.

#10 Smoking Red

This shade may appear intensely dark but applies brighter than expected. The red is cooler, leaning more towards the burgundy side than its Dynamite Red counterpart.

#05 Chocoholic

The term chocoholic might give you some reservations. But no, it isn’t chocolate brown. This lipstick has a red undertone, giving it more of a brick red finish. This is a more wearable alternative for girls who like rocking a dark lip.

#09 Midnight Date

At first glance, Chocoholic and Midnight Date may appear to be the same shade, but the devil’s in the details. Midnight Date is a slightly more plum toned, which goes great with tanner skin tones.

#15 Berry Bossy

Berry Bossy is another shade that appears very differently on warm and cool skin tones. It finishes reddish on cooler skin tones, while it takes on a pinkish-plum finish on warm skin tones.

#16 Fearless Purple

This purple truly is for the fearless, but it’s worth the risk. This Barney-esque purple is quirky, cute, and surprisingly flattering.

#04 Audacious Blue

We know what you’re thinking—blue can be a tad far out. But if you’re willing to take some risks in the name of fashion, this is a fun way to dip your toe in the water. Pair it with an edgy nighttime look and be ready to turn some heads.

#02 Pitch Black

If you like your lipstick as dark as your soul, then you’re in luck. What we liked about this black lippy is that it glides on easily, and stays on really well. You’d definitely not want a black lipstick that smudges easily because any cracks will be extra obvious.

#03 Wickedly White

This was our least favourite shade for obvious reasons. We can’t imagine anyone wanting to rock this look, but hey, whatever floats your boat. But that’s not to say a white lipstick doesn’t serve a purpose. Layer it over any darker shade to create an ombre effect, or use it as a base under your usual lip colour for an extra oomph.

Colour Sensational Matte

If you’ve been looking for a matte lipstick that’s packed with pigment, this is a budget-friendly buy worth the bucks. As with most matte lip colours, long-term use can chap sensitive lips, so don’t forget to show them some TLC and balm up before applying your lipstick!