McDonald’s McGriddles Merch

In case you didn’t know, everyone’s favourite breakfast food, McGriddles are finally back

Last year, along with the reintroduction of McGriddles into their menu, McDonald’s released the Patty Puffer Bag — a cute tote bag inspired by sausage patties. They didn’t make it easy for fans to grab it though, as only 200 bags were available for redemption. 

This year, fans can look forward to some new merch too. Bad news — they may be even harder to get than last year’s Patty Puffer Bags, since only fans on McDonald’s Instagram close friends list will be able to access them. 

The merch


As much as we would like to spill the deets on the upcoming merch, McDonald’s has been keeping pretty hush. What we do know from their Instagram post is that there will probably be some cute sweaters and shorts on the way.

Similar to last year’s Patty Puffer Bags, the sweatshirts and shorts are both inspired by McGriddles. In the same deep brown colour, they seem to be a loungewear set.

While the shorts don’t have any particular design, the front of the sweatshirts boasts a cute McGriddles icon. The word “McGriddles” is also printed on the back, so you can really show off your love for the breakfast treat. 

How to get in


As mentioned previously, the merch will only be available for those in McDonald’s “close friends list.” In order to get in, you will have to participate in a contest and prove that your love for McGriddles is unlike any other.

To enter the contest, simply post an Instagram story showing how much you love McGriddles. Anything goes you can sing, dance, or even scream. Just make sure to tag @mcdsg with the hashtag #McGriddlesCloseFriends.

Show Off Your Love For McGriddles With Exclusive Merch

The contest ends in three days, on 4 March 2024, at 11:59pm so make sure to act fast. After all, you’ll probably have to wait another year to get McGriddles-themed merch if you miss out on this chance. 

Head over to McDonald’s Instagram page to find out more about the participation mechanics. In the meantime, let’s keep our fingers crossed that the fast food chain will reveal more about the upcoming merch. 

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