Mickey & Friends Joy Of Festival

CNY might have started a couple of days ago but the celebration isn’t over yet. To soak in the festive spirit for more huat, there is a new exhibition at Gardens by the Bay featuring Mickey & Friends. 

Available till 23 February 2022, the exhibition features a 4-metre tall display of the characters we know and love, and comes with limited edition collectibles for you to bring home. Read on to find out what else is in store for you at the exhibition. 

The exhibition

To celebrate new beginnings, Singapore’s award-winning global design studio, XM launches their new Mickey & Friends Joy of Festival statue display in Floral Fantasy at Gardens by the Bay. 

Mickey & Friends Joy Of Festival

The 4-metre tall display features characters like Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, Pluto and Chip ‘n’ Dale dressed in auspicious red and gold outfits.

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It is an excellent photo spot for couples and families, and also the place for you to snap your CNY OOTD for the ‘gram. 

The collectibles 

Once you’re done admiring the floral and fauna, head over to the Joy of Festival Pop Up Store at Floral Fantasy Gift Shop for limited edition Mickey & Friends collectibles ‒ also released by XM, as part of the Mickey Loves Singapore campaign at Gardens by the Bay. 

Since it is the Year of the Tiger, expect a roarsome year ahead when you have one of Mickey ‒ Year of the Tiger figurines either in full colour or faux bronze. It features Mickey Mouse standing on a cliff made of gold coins while holding up a tiger cub just like how Rafika held Simba up in The Lion King.

Mickey & Friends Joy Of Festival

The coin cliff symbolises wealth and the tiger cub is also a symbol of leadership, courage, vitality and all things positive this new year. 

Both figurines have dimensions of 4.72cm x 2.75cm x 4.72cm, making them suitable as adorable displays on your desk or in your car. The Mickey ‒ Year of the Tiger in colour retails at $29.90 whereas the one in faux bronze is only available for purchase as part of a set. 

Mickey & Friends Joy Of Festival

Bringing the CNY celebration to a higher note is this figurine with Mickey and Minnie performing a dragon dance. Right below them, you’ll also spot the mischievous Chip ‘n’ Dale. Since dragons have a positive meaning in Chinese culture, this figurine suggests a prosperous and lucky year ahead. 

Closing in on the details, the two chipmunks are also holding a scroll that reads “Happy Chinese New Year” in Chinese. 

This figurine has dimensions of 10.2cm x 4.33cm x 8.07cm and retails at $108.

Mickey & Friends Joy Of Festival

Lion dance has always been part and parcel of CNY celebrations. Transformed into lion dancers, Donald and Daisy show off their chemistry and coordination in this figurine.

It comes in dimensions of 6.3cm x 4.1cm x 6.3cm and retails at $88.   

Mickey & Friends Joy Of Festival

For those who didn’t know, Big Head Monk masks were worn in the past after a monk had successfully tamed a lion in a folk tale. Taking inspiration from the story, Goofy holds a Big Head Monk mask above his head. 

As for Pluto, he greets you with a prosperous red banner that reads fu in Chinese which has the meaning of good luck and fortune. 

The Goofy figurine has dimensions of 3.74cm x 3.62cm x 6.37cm and for the figurine of Pluto, it is 3.62cm x 3.97cm x 4.33cm. Both of them retail at $62 each.

Mickey & Friends Joy Of Festival

If you plan on taking all the figurines home, you might be interested in the Joy of Festival 4”. The set includes the above figurines with the choice of either the Mickey ‒ Year of the Tiger figurine in colour or faux bronze. 

Each set retails at $258 and the figurines are packed separately and not in a box set. Visitors are also entitled to a $10 off the set price and a free pack of Mickey red packets ‒ subject to availability ‒ when you purchase the set at the pop-up store. 

Make Your CNY Celebrations More Festive By Visiting The Mickey & Friends Joy Of Festival Exhibition At GBTB

Instead of nua-ing at home with your CNY snacks this weekend, make a trip to Gardens By The Bay to check out the Mickey & Friends Joy of Festival exhibition. It will be available for viewing when you purchase the ticket to the Floral Fantasy. For more information, you can visit XM’s official website

Address: Gardens by the Bay, Singapore 018953
Opening hours: 10am to 8pm daily
Extended opening hours: 10am to 10pm, now to 6 February 2022
Ticket booking: Website

All images courtesy of Gardens by the Bay and XM Studios unless otherwise stated.
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