Miss Philippines Won Miss Universe In 2018

In the Philippines, pageants are a major national obsession. So cheers erupted when Catriona Gray, aka Miss Philippines 2018, took the Miss Universe crown this year.

Even Tyra Banks wow-ed at her signature slow-mo twirl during the swimsuit segment. Here are some fun facts about the beautiful 24-year-old.

1. She speaks English

And not just a few words, so Miss USA can’t make fun of her.

Her reply when asked whether speaking English was a prerequisite of being Miss Universe?

“Miss Universe is just someone who communicates her thoughts effectively and is able to connect with people. Just like music, you don’t need to understand the lyrics but you can feel a feeling with what they are communicating.”


2. Her mum dreamt of her winning the competition

“When I was 13, my mum told me, ‘Honey, I dreamt of you winning Miss Universe in a red dress,” she mentioned on Facebook.


3. Her sparkly red pageant gown represents volcano lava

Specifically, the lava of the Mayon Volcano in the Philippines which erupted in January. The eruption lit the sky up with a red and orange glow and tourists still visit it today.


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4. She spends time to help the less fortunate

She volunteers at Tondo (west of Manila) in a humanitarian organisation, Young Focus, that provides education for impoverished children and youth.

Tondo is one of the severely poverty stricken areas of Philippines where garbage piles up on the street.

5. She’s not just a pretty face

She has a master’s certificate in Music Theory from the Berklee College of Music in Boston.

6. She has modelling experience

She has walked the runway on New York Fashion Week for designer Sherri Hill who specialises in dramatic gowns with bling bling trimmings.

7. Gurl, can twirl

Do it again, sis!

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8. Miss Universe is not her only accolade

Her first pageant was Little Miss Philippines in Sydney and she finished top 5 in Miss World 2016.

Girls, you gotta build your CV to climb to the top.

9. She is dating a Filipino-German actor


His name is Clint Bondad, an actor and model in the Philippines. He congratulated her with these words on his Instagram.

“Never met a more intelligent woman in my life. You seem to capture the stars and are simply a creator by heart. You are a specialist made to move the world.”

A chiseled man who knows how to spell, wow.

10. She was born in Australia

Born in Cairns, Queensland, her mother is Filipina and her father is Australian.

11. She has a cute rottweiler named Marlie

Looks like dogs are Miss Universe’s best friend as well.

12. Her evening gown represents the Filipino’s equivalent of a phoenix

The Ibong Adarna is a mythical bird which is supposed to have a healing voice. The individual feathers are bejewelled and hand sewn onto the gown.


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It’s glorious.

13. Her national costume celebrates the indigenous culture of the Philippines

Particularly the island groups of Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

Her embellished crystal bodysuit is based on tattoo designs of the Pintados, an indigenous group.


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14. Her favourite local cuisine is Adobo 

Adobo—chicken or pork stewed in vinegar, garlic, soy sauce, bay leaves, peppercorns.

She also loves balut (duck embryo). Yum.

15. Love over glory

In a talk show, she picked love over a crown when given the choice.

Miss Philippines Won Miss Universe In 2018

At least Singaporeans had fun photoshopping the Trump-Kim summit dress!

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