New Beauty Products In 2024

Each day, there seems to be new beauty trends popping up on the internet — from the recent bunny tongue lip trend, to the mob wife aesthetic. To stay relevant, beauty brands have been releasing new collections and products at a rapid speed. 

Filtering through all the different beauty releases to find one that fits your needs can be troublesome to say the least. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of 15 new beauty products in 2024. 

Not to mention, we’ve sourced out where to get them at the cheapest price to lessen the damage to your bank account. 


1. Benefit – Precisely, My Brow Wax

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By now, you’ve probably heard of the clean girl aesthetic which has been trending on social media for over a year. One of the main features of the aesthetic — brushed up brows. 

If you’re planning on hopping on the trend, then check out Benefit’s Precisely, My Brow Wax. Available in 12 different shades, it will be able to shape your brow and fill them in at the same time — talk about being efficient. 

Not only that, but according to the makeup brand, this brow wax can hold your brows in place for up to 12 hours, so your eyebrows can stay on fleek throughout the day. 

Get the Benefit Precisely, My Brow Wax for $47 on Sephora.

2. Glossier – Cloud Paint Bronzer 


With their user-friendly tubes, the way Glossier packages their products seems to have most girls in a chokehold. Adding on to their list of products with aesthetic packaging, Glossier recently released new bronzer shades to their cloud paint collection — which previously consisted of ten blush shades. 

The bronzers come in the new shades: Drift, Coast, Swept, Dune, and Sail. By mixing the different blush and bronzer shades — like paint — you can create your own unique colour. 

Get the Glossier Cloud Paint Bronzer for $36 on Glossier’s official website.

3. Milk Makeup – Cooling Water Jelly Tint 


NGL, Milk Makeup knew what they were doing when they created the Cooling Water Jelly Tint. I mean, it looks straight up delicious. Unfortunately, the hydrating, bouncy jelly tint is inedible. 

The lip and cheek tint comes in four different shades — Chili, Burst, Spritz and Splash. Since the tint goes onto skin sheer, you can adjust its colour intensity to your liking. 

Get the Milk Makeup Cooling Water Jelly Tint for $43.90 on Shopee.

4. Tarte – Maracuja Juicy Lip Vinyl


The Maracuja Juicy Lip Vinyl is the latest addition to Tarte’s Maracuja Juicy collection. Besides the vinyl version — which aims to give users full coverage with high shine — the collection also features plump shimmers, plumping glosses, and balms. 

Use this lip gloss balm for both a hydrating treatment and pop of colour. FYI, it contains hyaluronic acid — a humectant — so you can have firmer, more supple looking lips. 

Get the Tarte Maracuja Juicy Lip Vinyl for $29 on FeelUnique.

5. Haus Lab – PhD Hybrid Lip Glaze


If you’re tired of layering countless products on your lips every day for that perfect glossy, plump look, then Haus Lab’s PhD Hybrid Lip Glaze may be perfect for you.

Released in early February 2024, this lip glaze aims to combine lip oil, balm, plumper, and gloss into one product. With just one swipe of the PhD Hybrid Lip Glaze, you can achieve the lip look you want without leaving your lips tacky and dry. 

Get the Haus Lab PhD Hybrid Lip Glaze for $43 on Shopee.


6. Rhode Skin – Pineapple Refresh Daily Cleanser 

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Rhode Skin’s Peptide Lip Treatment went viral on Instagram and TikTok when it came out in late 2022. This year, Hailey Bieber’s brand is back to impress with the Pineapple Refresh Daily Cleanser. 

For those allergic to pineapple, heads up — this cleanser contains real pineapple fruit extract so you’ll have to miss out on this gooey goodness. Pineapple’s not common in skincare so in case you’re wondering about its benefits, the enzymes in pineapple are actually a great gentle exfoliant for smoother-looking skin. 

Get the Rhode Skin Pineapple Refresh Daily Cleanser for $60 on Shopee

7. Skinfood – Black Cherry Retinol 0.1 Eye Cream


Lately, products that contain retinol have been on the rise. For the unacquainted, retinol is a vitamin that increases skin cell production, exfoliates your skin, and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Not only does Skinfood’s new eye cream contain retinol, but it also contains glutathione and niacinamide, to brighten the skin surrounding your eye. Ladies who have been dreading crow’s feet and dull skin around your eyes, the Black Cherry Retinol 0.1 Eye Cream’s for you. 

Get the Skinfood Black Berry Retinol 0.1 Eye Cream for $29 on YesStyle.

8. Kosas – BB Burst Tinted Moisturiser Gel Cream With Copper Peptides


Nowadays, mixing skincare with makeup is all the rage. Following this trend, Kosas released their BB Burst Tinted Moisturiser Gel Cream — which hydrates your skin while evening out your skin tone. 

Moreover, the product also contains effective skincare ingredients like copper peptides, to support collagen production to firm up your skin. 

Get the Kosas BB Burst Tinted Moisturiser Gel Cream With Copper Peptides for $55 on Revolve.

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9. Glow Recipe – Watermelon Glow Niacinamide Hue Drops


If you want to get that natural sun-kissed glow, then check out Glow Recipe’s Watermelon Glow Niacinamide Hue Drops. There are multiple ways that this serum-bronzer hybrid drop can be used. 

For example, you can use the hue drops as the last step of your skincare routine to add an all-over glow to your face. Mix the drops with your foundation to add a slight tint and shimmer to it. 

Since the serum contains niacinamide and centella asiatica, it helps to reduce hyperpigmentation as well as skin redness. 

Get the Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Niacinamide Hue Drops for $57 on Sephora

10. Summer Fridays – Dream Lip Oil


You may know Summer Fridays for their Butter Balms, which won Allure’s Best Of Beauty award last year. Adding on to their collection of lip products, Summer Fridays released their Dream Lip Oil this year. Boasting a blend of nine plant-based oils, the Dream Lip Oil moisturises and hydrates your lips to deliver a soft and supple look. 

Moreover, the Dream Lip Oil is specially formulated to prevent stickiness and leaving a residue on your lips.

Get the Summer Fridays Dream Lip Oil for $38 on Revolve.


11. Coco & Eve – Like A Virgin Clarifying Detox Shampoo


Taking into account Singapore’s hot and humid weather, it’s no surprise that our hair gets oily significantly fast. To freshen up your scalp, check out Coco & Eve’s Like A Virgin Clarifying Detox Shampoo. 

Containing hibiscus cider vinegar and lemon peel extract, the Like A Virgin Clarifying Detox Shampoo is able to deeply cleanse while keeping your hair hydrated. If you struggle with dandruff, these ingredients also help to reduce dryness — a common cause of dandruff. 

Note that this shampoo is not for daily use. Only use it once a week or when deep cleansing for optimal results.

Get the Coco & Eve Like A Virgin Clarifying Detox Shampoo for $37 on Sephora.

12. Ouai – Anti-Frizz Crème


If you struggle with frizzy hair, then you may want to check out Ouai’s new Anti-Frizz Crème. According to Ouai, the cream gives immediate frizz control and keeps your hair neat for up to 72 hours. 

Not only does the cream help with frizziness, but it also reduces and repairs split ends. For those who often use hair straighteners or curlers, Ouai’s Anti-Frizz Crème also provides heat protection. 

Get the Ouai Anti-Frizz Crème for $47 on Niche Beauty.

13. Rosette – Yuzu Cypress Skin Conditioner


Honestly, Japanese beauty products never miss and this Rosette Yuzu Cypress Skin Conditioner is no exception. If you struggle with body acne, then this may be your new holy grail. 

Containing sulphur, this medicated lotion is specially formulated to prevent rough skin and acne. One bottle is 500ml, so you don’t have to be stingy with the product. For a DIY facemask, you can even soak cotton pads in this skin conditioner and apply them to your face.

Get the Rosette Yuzu Cypress Skin Conditioner for $40.18 on YesStyle.

14. Kopari – Sunglaze Sheer Body Mist Sunscreen SPF 42


Kopari’s new Sunglaze Sheer Body Mist Sunscreen is perfect for use in Singapore, given that a large majority of our days are bright and sunny. Since it has SPF 42, you can rest assured that your skin will be protected from harsh UV rays. 

Furthermore, the body mist sunscreen is also sweat and water resistant for 80 minutes after application, so you can enjoy beach outings and playing outdoor sports without worrying about getting sunburned. 

Get the Kopari Sunglaze Sheer Body Mist Sunscreen for $79 on Sephora.

15. Sol De Janerio – Cheirosa 59 Perfume Mist


What’s so special about Sol De Janerio’s new perfume mist is that it has been scientifically proven to boost one’s mood. In a consumer study, 92% of participants said that the perfume made them feel happy and 81% said that it soothed their senses.

With notes of velvet plum, sugared violet, and sheer sandalwood, this perfume mist will leave you smelling sweet and woody at the same time. Make sure to spray it on both your body and hair to be properly enveloped in the scent.

Get the Sol De Janerio Cheirosa 59 Perfume Mist for $39 on Sephora.

Pamper Yourself With These 15 New Beauty Products In 2024

Self-love is the best love. This year, consider elevating your beauty routine with some new products. With cute designs and innovative formulas, these new beauty products in 2024 are definitely worth the splurge. 

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