Period Cramp Easy Home Remedies

For women, there are few things more exasperating than cramps on top of our periods. Sometimes, the pain can even affect our performance at work or in school.

While there are hundreds of articles advising women to take weird concoctions or medicated pills to relieve their discomfort, they’re usually short-term solutions.

To bid goodbye to cramps for the long haul, we rounded up 5 effective and simple remedies which work for us so every girl can deal with ‘shark week’ better.

1. Use disposable heat pads


If the cramps hit you at work or in school, heat will loosen up tightened muscles and encourage blood flow. Using heat pads is the fastest, most convenient way to get warm.

You can also dampen a paper towel and heat till warm in the microwave—just make sure you don’t blow up the kitchen.

Of course, the good old hot water bottle works too. Wrap an unwanted sweater or cloth around a water bottle filled with warm water, and place it on your lower abdomen.

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2. Watch your diet, and drink some wine


Staying hydrated removes the uncomfortable bloated sensation you feel during your period, and prevents water retention caused by monthly hormonal changes.

When on your period, you should consume foods with high water content, like cucumbers, bananas, and celery. Studies have shown sipping on raspberry tea on a regular basis can also alleviate period cramps in the long run.

In addition, wine is not just a beverage to help you wind down after work. By thinning the blood, wine can actually reduce your period cramps as long as you drink in moderation.

3. Try yoga to ease muscle cramps


Try the “Head-of-Knee” or “Half Bound Squat” position to stretch the muscles of the back, ankles and belly. It also relieves lower back pain.

While exercising may be the last thing you would like to do, try this pose at home before you head out.

The pose will stretch out cramped muscles and get your heart pumping to generate endorphins so you’ll feel less moody.

Make sure you combine exercise with more sleep to fight fatigue and headaches which may accompany the cramps.

4. Use period tracking apps


Menstrual apps are able to track when your next period is going to be, and also monitor your body’s reaction to your periods. This includes energy levels, cravings and PMS symptoms.

Knowledge of such information allows you to adopt measures in time such as drinking more hot beverages and doing more stretches to reduce the intensity of the impending problems during your period.

Where To Download: Clue (IOS and Android), Period Tracker (IOS and Android)

5. Sleep like a baby


Studies have shown the best position to sleep in when you’re suffering from cramps is to curl into a foetal position to take the pressure off abdominal muscles.

If you have a heavier flow, keep your legs pressed together to prevent leakage.

How To Cure Period Pain

While we wait for scientists to develop a magical cure-all for the discomfort our period cramps bring, we can strengthen our bodies by adopting natural remedies in the meantime.


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