Toxic Psycho Boyfriends in Singapore

Most people associate psycho exes with girls. But down with the patriarchy! What if we told you that some of the most bizarre stories we’ve heard about exes are also about guys?

From boyfriends who refuse to let go after breakups to crazy stalkers, here are 10 stories that’ll leave you shook.

*Names were changed to protect identities

He told her father, “You’re going to die anyway.”

She was 16 and he was 25, so it’s no surprise that her strict Asian parents were against the relationship. When her dad confiscated her phone, her boyfriend bought a new Nokia for her, went to her house after midnight, knocked on her window and told her to contact him with that.

At that point, my friend’s dad was also suffering from cancer. So when he caught her lover sneaking in and scolded him, the boyfriend told her dad, “You have no part to play in our relationship, you’re going to die anyway.”
Sheryl, 20

I caught him peeping at me from behind the pillar

After I ended things with my ex, I caught him lurking below my block and peeping at me from behind the pillar. When he saw me with other guys that I’d not even been dating, he started crying and wailing about how I’d betrayed him.

Now, he still tweets derogatory things about me; calling me a slut even though six years have passed and he has a new girlfriend. They both hate me.
Candice, 22

He forced me to switch degrees because he couldn’t keep up

He didn’t want us to become official because he was afraid of “publicity”, and never let me go to his house because his family “had a lot of problems”. He even forced me to switch degrees because he couldn’t keep up academically. He also physically abused me a few times.

At our 2-year mark, his ex-girlfriend texted me to wish him well on his birthday. After a few days of drama, the girl and I decided he was cheating behind both our backs, but he was insistent that she was only there as emotional support for his family. Two weeks later, the girl changed her story and said she was just trying to break us up. Until today, I still don’t know the truth. However, I know one thing: they’re both psychotic.
Lily, 25

He was having Skype sex with random girls

I hacked into my ex-boyfriend’s Facebook account when he started becoming sketchy during our long-distance relationship then. On Facebook, I found flirty messages of him with other girls— one girl even told him she was pregnant. He also bragged to his friends about “all the girls” he was getting at school.

Initially, I tried to forgive him, until I found out that he was also having Skype sex with random girls on Kik. I flipped out and broke up with him.

That was four years ago but since then, he’s done everything to either make me jealous or get me back. When dating someone else didn’t work, he tried to reach me through every avenue possible. Then he started showing up at my house. Now, he just ‘likes’ all my Instagram pictures two days late just so I’ll see it. He’ll also reply to my stories about wanting to rewind the past.
Jaclyn, 23

He lied to me to see if I’d lie to him

We met doing a school musical and had a long distance relationship over summer. One night, he told me over Skype that he was “emotionally numb”. Since I was 15 and naive, I freaked out and frantically searched for flights to his home country.

After two weeks, I was at my wits’ end and talked to his friends about it to see what we could do to help him. He accused me of breaking his trust by telling his friends and broke up with me. After we split, he confessed that he lied to me the whole time about his “emotional numbness” just to see if I’d break his trust and tell his friends.

Last I heard, he dropped out of university, started trafficking drugs and even tried killing himself two or three times.
Jenn, 19

I actually felt afraid of the person I used to love

My boyfriend broke up with me out of anger and impulse. For many weeks, he texted me non-stop to ask why we were over. He also called me a bitch. It went on for eight months after the breakup—I was accused of having another man and slut-shamed for going to clubs.

One time, he got drunk and punched a glass wall because I didn’t reply his message. He also told me he was going to my house if I didn’t meet him. It was at that moment that I felt terrified of the person I used to love.
Patricia, 26

He constantly Skyped me to ask if I’d be DTF

I used to be blindly in love with this guy—so blind I didn’t realise he was an F-boy. But he was strangely possessive despite not wanting us to be a “thing” so we were never officially a couple.

Once, he got so angry that I was talking to a guy at a club so he threatened, “If he talks to you again, I’ll get security to throw him out”. After he moved away to study, he used to Skype me to ask if I’d be DTF if he were to come back to Singapore—even though he knew I had a boyfriend.
Rachel, 27

Logged into her account to unfollow people

He was my good friend’s boyfriend—let’s call her Z. He’d get angry if Z didn’t get him chocolates on Valentine’s Day, and would demand that Z deliver food to his house ‘cause he had no money. One of the craziest things he would do was log into Z’s Twitter account to unfollow people. He would justify himself by claiming he was helping their relationship.

The worst part? It continues till today, even though they’ve already broken up.
JJ, 25

He cut himself during every argument

In the beginning, it was kinda cute to have an obsessive boyfriend. But it was definitely not healthy in the long run. During our arguments, he’d take scissors and cut himself just so I’d give in and say sorry. He’d also hit his head and scratch himself.

When I broke up with him, I felt awful and decided to get back with him. However, he used this chance to emotionally blackmail me. When I went to his house, he told me to sleep on the floor, then changed his mind in a split second and forced me to sleep with him. During a huge fight, he wanted to lock me inside the room because he was afraid I’d leave. Though he’s a psycho boyfriend, he’s not a bad person tbh. He just has issues.
Lydia, 25

Emotionally toxic relationships

Though it may be normal to do so, we can’t simply chalk such problems down to certain people just being “born psycho”. More often than not, they have other underlying issues that need addressing too.