Public Sex in Singapore

To all Singaporean exhibitionists, we get it, you need to get frisky—whenever and wherever you can. But with the recent reports of couples having sex in nursing rooms, here’s a PSA: don’t be so basic, can?

If you die die want to have a romping good time in public, you might as well take it to the (cli)max with these 16 extreme spots in Singapore to have sex.

Disclaimer for the easily triggered: We are strictly against anything that breaks the law and this article is tongue-in-cheek and meant to be in good fun.

1. SICC Golf course, for that hole-in-one

Your aim doesn’t have to be good if there’s only one hole to aim for—or two if you’re feeling especially frisky.

2. In a KTV, so people can’t hear you screaming


So you’ve had a nice dinner with bae, and now you guys wanna go sing K to let out all those feelings you have inside. While you’re in your little booth of love, why not let something else out? Like your overly pent up sexual tension.

Pro Tip: No one will hear you over their own tone-deaf singing (unless you’re a screamer, of which we can’t help).

3. At the back of a public bus for a nice ride 😉

Tired of your girlfriend asking you to go “harder, harder”? Take advantage of the natural bumpy back seats of public buses for the extra oomph in your thrust. The thrill of getting STOMPED by disgruntled aunties will definitely turn her on.

4. Jurong bird park hill carpark

We know there’s only one bird you’ll be watching.

5. In a cable car… because that escalated quickly

If you can’t wait to take your relationship to the “next level”, then getting hot and heavy in a cable car is the only way to go. Nothing says “I’m a thrill seeker” like having sex in a hot box that’s suspended 10,000 meters in the air.

Friendly reminder: the Singapore Flyer has glass capsules.

6. Pasir Ris Park maze with the birds and the bees

When he brings you for a romantic stroll at night and says, “I want to get lost in you,” and takes it a little too seriously.

7. In a construction site on Dempsey Hill to build the climax

After a particularly atas dinner, you’ll probably be looking for a way to, well, repay your partner. If your passion just can’t wait, sneak into a nearby construction site to get down and dirty. Hold onto your hard hats, because the drilling is about to get real.

8. In a neoprint booth… for an ah beng-able time

No sweeter words have ever been uttered than, “Eh Bao Bei, take neoprints with me leh”. For the thoughtful exhibitionist couple, you can now take your raunchy photos and decorate them as a souvenir too. Don’t forget to scream kaaa-waaa-iiii!

9. In an incomplete HDB Block

What’s more romantic than bringing bae to an empty HDB block and popping the question: “BTO ai mai?”. A guaranteed panty-wetting question, you’ll successfully put the “D” in “HDB”.

10. On the beds of IKEA Tampines

When they encourage you to test out the mattresses, I don’t think this is what they had in mind. Just remember, once broken considered sold.


11. On an overhead bridge for heightened senses

Forget Viagra. To heighten your sexual sensations, just climb up an overhead bridge, climb on top of your babe and do it Titanic Style over the railings. Near, far, wherever you are, I believe that the hard on goes on.

12. Bukit Brown Cemetery

Because there’s no other place more apt than an ulu cemetery when your girl says, “It was so good, I died.” Just don’t do it during the 7th month.

13. At the Chinese Garden for some Kama Sutra

Blend in with the yogis and get flexible with the downward-facing dog(gy style).

14. While ordering food from fast food outlets


Here’s something we can all learn from the Americans—giving new meaning to “Finger-lickin’ good” when you can finally eat your hot chick… fresh.

15. In a library to gain some carnal knowledge

They say the largest sex organ of the body is the brain. But I’m sure your boyfriend would disagree with that.

16. Bedok mall 24/7 carparks for all-nighters

Who needs a car when you can park it in the booty?

Sex In Public Singapore

If all else fails for adrenaline junkies, remember: there’s always Yishun.

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