Wonderbed Silk Pillowcase

Bad hair days happen to the best of us. Be it meeting your boyfriend’s parents for the first time or going for an important job interview. Having unkempt hair is like having your fly down, it’s one of the first things people notice.

But there are better things to do than spend an hour fussing over your hair, like getting an extra 20 minutes of sleep in the morning.

For me, I have naturally frizzy and curly hair. Because of this, I usually have to spend an extra 15 minutes in the morning detangling and straightening my hair.

I also have to apply a more-than-generous amount of hair serum to my hair every few hours to keep it hydrated.

Unsexy tousled hair that re-confirms my boyfriend’s love for me when he runs his fingers through them

Apparently, cotton pillowcases tend to absorb moisture, soak up the natural oils in your hair and skin, and grab your hair while you sleep. This leaves your hair dry, damaged, and causes morning bed-head.

I’ve read Kourtney Kardashian sleeps with only silk pillowcases to prevent “protect hair from breakage, reduce split ends and keep hair shiny.” If someone who makes a living by being fabulous does it, I guess a mere mortal like myself should give it a go.

So for two days, I decided to switch out my regular cotton pillowcases for some fancy 100% pure mulberry silk pillows by Wonderbed.

The Wonderbed’s silk pillowcase lists multiple benefits:

-Gives you silky smooth hair by reducing the friction between your hair and pillowcase
-Anti-crease to prevent sleep lines and premature aging
-Helps with thermal regulation for sleep
-Hypoallergenic; resists mildew and mold growth

First impressions

When removed from its tissue wrapping, the smooth, cool fabric ran like water over my fingers.

The 50cm x 75cm silk pillowcases are made of 100% natural fibre, free of harmful substances and toxic dyes. The silk material boasts a thickness of 25mm, making it more durable and long-lasting than the standard 19mm pillowcases available in the market.

As if the silk pillowcases weren’t enough, the set also came with silk blindfolds that couldn’t be gentler on my skin.

That night, I gracefully dived headfirst into a sea of 100% pure mulberry silk pillows and snuggled into bed.


One of the hallmarks of a great nap is when you wake up with pillow marks imprinted on the side of your face. But the Wonderbed silk pillowcases caressed my skin like a dream, and I had one of the best sleeps of my life sans the patterned lines.

The silk is definitely non-irritating and didn’t tug at my hair, or cause any eyelash extensions to fall off either.

My mane was also noticeably tamer after my first nap. The ends felt less frizzy and curls were slightly more defined.

Now that silk pillowcases have shown me a whole new world of comfort, I probably won’t go back to using cotton ones.


Sleeping On Silk Pillowcases

If you want to try these silk pillowcases, you can get them from Wonderbed’s website and use “zula15” when you checkout for 15% off your purchases.

Back to laying on an endless cloud of pillows.

This post was kindly sponsored by Wonderbed.