Street Style Snaps In Singapore

For the public at large, it’s not uncommon to come across someone in the Singaporean uniform; unflattering tees, bermudas and flip-flops, and hear them give the excuse of how the blistering weather informs their questionable clothing choices.

Despite the August air, heavy with humidity, I’ve compiled a list of individuals on the LASALLE College of the Arts grounds that managed to stay sartorially conscious whilst adapting to our unforgiving tropical climate.

Sha, 22, Makeup artist (@aleena.abdullah)

In one sentence, could you describe your style?

My style is aggressive which might give others the impression that I’m unapproachable, even though I’m actually a friendly person.

What is your style influenced by?

I like the musician Halsey a lot, so I am heavily influenced by the way she looks and how she dresses. Also, being a makeup artist, I have the habit of coordinating colours of my clothes with details like my eyeshadow or lipstick.

Name a piece of clothing/accessory that defines you.

I would say it’ll be my shoes and my waist chain. They give off this vibe of toughness that defines my style. And I balance that with softer and more feminine makeup details. I like the idea of being pretty with a bit of a bite, just like Halsey.

Nur Aqilah, 21, Henna artist (@belleladybugx)

What’s the most expensive fashion item you own?

I would say the Pallas and Palm Springs bags, both from Louis Vuitton. I appreciate quality craftsmanship as opposed to buying something that would fall apart in a couple months. And Louis Vuitton isn’t too expensive either, so they’re perfect for me.

Favourite website/web content you look at for fashion?

I look towards metalcore culture for style inspiration. I would say that I’m enamoured by the mix of goth, monochromatic, and grunge looks because I like edgy aesthetics.

Least favourite fashion brand?

Anything that’s sold at Bugis Street probably.

Farah, 19, Student and part-time arts teacher

What is your style influenced by?

The 80s style appeals to me with their oversized, boldly coloured sportswear. In general, I believe it’s important to be unpretentious and comfortable with who you are, so that crosses over to how I represent myself through style.

Where’s your favourite place to shop?

I love thrift shopping in Johor Bahru, so most of my clothes are vintage and really affordable.

What’s your favourite piece on you right now?

My socks and shoes.

Noyona, 22, Fine arts student (@noyona)

In one sentence, could you describe your style?

I am fond of earthy tones; brick reds, olive greens in clothes. And I accentuate my look with authentic jewellery from exotic cities. My ring is a gift from Iran and my earrings are from India.

What/Who are your style inspirations?

My aunt, who’s an artist based in Ireland that also makes her own clothes. The stuff she makes is always flowy and unrestricting of the body form and that’s how I like to dress too. Just being able to feel and be free.

Where’s your favourite place to shop?

I shop mostly in fast fashion since I’m on a student budget. And I get my jewellery as gifts from family when they travel, so that’s great.

Nawei, 17, Student

In one sentence, could you describe your style?

Sleek and casual, so it’s appropriate for Singapore’s hot weather. I improvise on what to wear mostly since I’m still experimenting with my style. I also don’t really think about it too much and you’ll probably catch me in my black jeans most of the time.

Name a piece of clothing/ accessory that defines you.

A sports bra and sweatpants.

Where’s your favourite place to shop?

High street; Zara, Mango, mostly.

Singapore Street Style

If there’s one takeaway from my interviews, the statement that style is crucial for self-representation resonated with all respondents.

What do you think? Is the way you dress a justified representation of who you are?

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