Street Style Snaps In Singapore

One sweltering September afternoon, we braved the heat and went on the hunt for eye-catching street style at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts.

Take a leaf out of these fashion students’ dressing handbook and get ideas on picking everyday outfits which will keep you cool in the blazing heat.

Neha, 18, Fashion Design student

In one sentence, how would you describe your style?

I like to explore new trends and incorporate some of its elements into my everyday outfits. And I often play with proportions in my dressing.

That’s why I decided to knot my T-shirt up for a slimmer torso, which pairs off nicely with my flared pants. My boots are a way to make me appear taller, haha.

What’s your favourite piece of clothing or accessory that you’re wearing right now?

My earrings, which I’ve gotten from an Instagram shop (@midnightdibs).

What’s your least favourite place to shop?

Cotton On, for its poor quality. And they’re made for pure function without any real style acumen behind their designs, which makes for lazy basic dressing.

Nathaniel, 20, Fashion Merchandising and Marketing student

What’s your favourite piece of clothing or accessory that you’re wearing right now?

I like my shoes, which I got from Common Projects. It’s a simple design made perfect, and that’s what’s appealing about the minimalist aesthetic.

What is your style influenced by?

I’m into streetwear and minimalism. I also like things with an idiosyncratic element, such as this thrifted ring that’s missing a gem. It makes me wonder about the story behind where it’s been prior to me getting it.

What’s one fashion tip you’ll give to Singaporeans?

Dress in a way that best represents the inner qualities that define you.

Julia, 21, Designer at StoneForGold

How would you describe your style?

I favour dark colours and place an emphasis on statement outerwear. If you see me in bright colours, it’s often for a satirical nod.

I was mesmerised by the way Lisbeth Salander looked in Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, so that explains my piercings. And since I’m naturally rather shy, looking unapproachable does good for me.

Where’s your favourite place to shop?

I shop purely online, mostly on retail websites like ASOS and Zalora. I don’t particularly enjoy the retail experience of squeezing with crowds and I like how fuss-free browsing online for clothes is.

How did you develop your sense of style?

By people watching. Whenever I come across someone that looks good in the street, I’d try to adopt a piece or two of whatever they’re wearing into my wardrobe. Likewise, when I come across someone that looks bad in my opinion, then I know what to avoid at all cost.

For example, I really dislike that Hypebeast layering of random ‘chapalang’ clothes, so that’s one thing I’ll never try. The clash of jarring colours all on one person is an eyesore to me. But I guess that’s just about personal preference.

Sarah 18; Nicole, 22; Gwen, 20; Fashion students

What/Who are your style inspirations?

Our main driving force is to dress up is our mood. Also, by just paying attention to all that’s around us, it’s easy to pick up daily inspirations from our everyday surroundings.

Do you guys think it’s important to have a sense of style?

Yeah, dressing up is a way of expressing oneself and it affects how others perceive us.

What’s a fashion trend that you guys dislike?

Most people just blindly follow trends here, which robs them of their individualities and make them all very bland and boring.

What’s one fashion tip you’ll give to Singaporeans.

Try starting with one statement piece of clothing and build the entire outfit around it. It’ll really make putting a look together easier.

Singapore Street Style

Dressing up is an oft-forgotten thought for most of us, but if there’s one takeaway from our interviewees, it’s that our clothes serve a greater purpose than simply covering ourselves up.

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