Starbucks Japan Sakura 2022 Collection 

Since it is unlikely that the VTL to Japan will happen any time soon, the last thing fans need to know is that Starbucks Japan is dropping a Sakura 2022 collection. With the theme “Sense of Sakura Beauty”, the collection features pastel hues that bring to mind Japan’s beautiful cherry blossoms. Continue reading to find out more about this aesthetic collection.  

The collection

Starbucks Japan Sakura 2022 Collection 

With Spring right around the corner, Starbucks Japan welcomes the season of hope and new beginnings with its Sakura 2022 collection. From glassware, cups, tumblers to bottles, the collection has something for everyone this season. 

Tumblers and bottles

Staying hydrated is important, and to encourage you to do so, this collection features a series of IG-worthy tumblers and bottles to store your favourite beverage. It’s no surprise to see motifs of cherry blossoms on them, as after all, what’s Springtime without some of these beautiful flowers?

Starbucks Japan Sakura 2022 Collection From left: Stainless Steel Petite Bottle 200ml, Handy Stainless Bottle Blue 500ml 

For those who carry small bags, rest assured that you can have your chilled coffee on the go when you’re using the Stainless Steel Petite 200ml bottle. Thanks to its handy size, it doesn’t need much space. 

Alternatively, the bottle on the right holds up to 500ml. The pink cherry blossom accents against the pale blue base add to the overall Spring vibe.

From left: Stainless Tumbler Emboss Bloom 473ml, Stainless Steel Pink Bottle 473ml

Playing with texture, the tumbler on the left features embossed cherry blossoms and petals on an ombre base ‒ an interesting way for you to “feel” Spring. Pretty in pink, the bottle on the right also has similar cherry blossom watercolour prints to signal the start of the new season. 

From left: Aurora Tumbler 355ml, Stainless Steel Create Your Bottle 473ml, Bottle Bloom 355ml

If you thought the hologram trend was over, this Aurora Tumbler might change your mind. It features various cherry blossom illustrations under a hologram layer.

Keeping your teh peng chilled and latte warm is the 473ml bottle made from stainless steel. Also, the Bottle Bloom will never go wrong for those who prefer a simple design when you want your drinks to-go. 


Begin your day when you sip your daily cuppa using one of these mugs from the collection. 

Starbucks Japan Sakura 2022 Collection From left: Mug Petal Handle 355ml, Mug Petal Pink 355ml

Inspired by cherry blossoms, the handle of the mug on the left features a shape similar to a petal. Plus, the inside of the mug greets you in lilac. 

For another sweet-looking mug, the one on the left comes in a white to light pink gradient. With unique petal details adorning the bottom half, this mug will no doubt grab your attention too. 


From left: Heat-Resistant Glass Aurora 237ml, Glass Canister

For more cherry blossom fantasies, consider this heat-resistant glass cup. As it is capable of holding warm drinks, make this your go-to cup on a sweater-weather day in Singapore. Closing in on the details, it is also coated with an iridescent sheen.

As for the glass canister, you can use it to store your favourite sweet treats or hold knick-knacks. Either way, it makes for an aesthetic addition to your home decor. 


Apart from drinkware, notebooks and message gift sets are also found in the collection.  

Starbucks Japan Sakura 2022 Collection 

For those who are starting a new semester, these Campus notebooks in light blue and pink are excellent for taking down important notes. Also, perhaps for doodling in when a lecture gets a lil’ boring. 

With Bearista being Starbucks’ mascot, you won’t miss him in this collection too. Packed as a message gift set, it comes with a bag, and a Sakura-themed card, shaped like a takeaway cup. Use it to cheer up a low-spirited friend or surprise a Starbucks fan with this thoughtful gift. 

This Sakura 2022 Collection From Starbucks Japan Has Us Wanting To See The Cherry Blossoms

While this collection from Starbucks Japan might help satisfy your desire to witness the cherry blossoms, it will only be available in Japan starting from 17 February 2022. For those who wish to expand their Starbucks collections, you might want to consider looking for freight forwarders to have them shipped to Singapore. 

In the meantime, you can check out the Valentine’s Day collection from Starbucks Singapore. 

All images courtesy of Starbucks Japan.

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