Starbucks Singapore’s New Pouches And Bags

Starbucks Rewards members can check out the latest collection of pouches, bags and other merchandise available exclusively for its members.  

The Iconic Siren collection of bags and pouches are in a chic khaki colour with Starbucks’ well-loved siren logo emblazoned on them in its signature deep green hue. 

There are a total of 4 designs available for Starbucks Rewards members to purchase: a small sling bag ($28.90), a medium sling bag ($28.90), a pouch ($12.90) and a tote bag ($32.90). The bags and pouches will be available from today, 13 January 2020. 

Designs of the Starbucks Iconic Siren pouches and bags

The collection is eye-catching for its unique design elements. The bags and pouches are made of a tarp material with a slight gloss. This material is extremely sturdy and waterproof, which makes these items great for Singapore where thunderstorms can occur unpredictably. 

So whether you are carrying your school books, makeup or a clean change of clothes to the gym, these bags and pouches will keep your belongings dry. 

The bags and pouches also have a utilitarian feel by incorporating larger than usual zippers in a matte army green. The ‘industrial’ look is further achieved as the sling bags have detachable straps with clasps on both ends.

Having the word ‘STARBUCKS’ printed in a big font across the straps is reminiscent of the much-hyped IKEA sling bags, giving you immediate street cred.

These products will help you show your love for your favourite brand even when you don’t have a Starbucks coffee in hand. Moreover, they are both fashionable and practical.  

Starbucks Bearista cup clips

If you prefer cute things over the industrial aesthetic, Starbucks is also launching a series of Bearista cup clips beginning with the ‘Girl Bearista in pink’ design on 14 January. Subsequently, there will be a new design launched every day. 

There are 4 adorable designs to collect, each with the Bearista in different clothing and poses. 

These clips can adorn your cups, mugs and even laptop or smartphone. Use your creativity and bring some Starbucks Bearista magic to your home, school or office with the Bearista cup clips.  

Starbucks Singapore Rewards Member-Exclusive Products

These Starbucks Rewards member-exclusive Iconic Siren bags & pouches collection as well as the Bearista cup clips allow you to show off your favourite coffee brand wherever you go. 

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