Steal Your Boyfriend’s Stash

When bae steals your heart, this is how you can get back at him.

Go straight for his after-shave balm that doubles as a makeup primer, or his cologne so he’ll follow you wherever you go.

1. After-shave balm as a primer



YouTube beauty guru Nikkie de Jager discovered that her boyfriend’s Nivea Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm can be used as a makeup primer. The key in the formula is Glycerine—an ingredient that retains moisture and helps makeup stick better.

2. Protein shake



Most meal replacements marketed for girls actually share the same components as protein powder that men take. And no, protein isn’t the cause of Olympia-sized muscles. Without sufficient protein, exercise recovery takes longer, and you’ll experience more fatigue and muscle soreness.

3. Styptic pencil for zits



Traditionally used by guys to stop razor cut bleeds, this medicated stick contains alum which contracts blood vessels and tightens pores. Hence, it will come in handy for zits that won’t stop bleeding when you pop them.

4. Clean razors for better precision

Men’s razors have tightly packed blades that give a closer shave. Smaller heads help get to the tricky areas (knees, joint areas) easily. Say goodbye to overpriced female shavers!

5. His statement watch


Does your boyfriend have an impressive collection of watches? Play it to your advantage. Layer his watch with your bracelets, or wear it alone as a statement piece. Trés chic!

6. Oversized blazer



There’s something charming about androgynous pieces with oversized sleeves rolled up to your forearm. Wear it with a dress, over leggings or jeans—the possibilities are endless.

7. Cologne to be reminded of him


Your body contains far more receptors for the sense of smell (at least 1,000) than it does for sight and touch (around 4). Our sense of smell is linked to a primitive part of the brain associated with emotions and memory so wearing his cologne will make you feel closer to him. Not to mention, it lasts longer as compared to women’s perfume.

8. White button-down shirt



If he has a bigger frame than you, achieve that effortless “hopped-out-of-bed” look with his white button-down shirt. Pair with distressed jeans for a casual day out, or a pencil skirt for work.

9. Deodorant stick to prevent chafing

Deodorant can help girls who experience chafing between their thighs, especially in Singapore’s hot and humid weather all-year round. The deodorant acts as a protective layer and prevents your skin from rubbing against itself. Alternatively, use it as a traditional deodorant for extra staying power.

10. Wallets



Men’s wallets are usually slimmer so it fits better in our tiny evening handbags—perfect for a night out with girlfriends.

11. Junk food


Because every Singaporean knows free things taste better. The boys always have a wider range of snacks stashed in their cupboards.

12. Boxers/Exercise shorts



Boxers, especially silk ones, make the most comfortable sleeping shorts. Ever. We also like how men’s running shorts usually come with pockets and a larger inner-netting that doesn’t suffocate us like a second underwear. Their clothes are usually made from a utility perspective and not just for fancy designs *cough* fake pockets *cough*.

Sharing Is Caring

While there’s nothing like having a piece of your boyfriend with you, don’t forget to return their items at the end of the day!