Getting Together After One Date

Dating, going steady and marriage. For many Singaporeans, these relationship milestones tend to have a “fixed” timeline before the couple can move on to the next step. It makes sense after all, since we’re afraid of having regrets from plunging into a relationship so quickly.

But for Lemon8 user @str4wbie, she met her fiancé on a dating app and got together with him right after their first date. They then got engaged after just seven months — an unconventional timeline which some may interpret as “too fast”. 

Here’s what her successful love story is like and why she decided to take the leap of faith.

Their journey

@str4wbie first met her boyfriend Sherman on Tinder, and she hilariously described his profile as “the laziest profile ever”. 

“I have no idea why I swiped right on him at the beginning. He’s a shy person, so I would understand why none of his pictures showed his face. But I am not kidding when I say his bio had absolutely nothing on it.” 

Furthermore, @str4wbie wasn’t exactly looking for a long term partner or to settle down ASAP. She was concurrently seeing new people for at least nine months, and did not believe in marriage partly due to her parents’ dysfunctional relationship.

Together After One Date

It certainly was by twist of fate that she still swiped right on Sherman despite these hesitations and doubts. Interestingly, @str4wbie also shared that she wasn’t a fan of dating culture in general. She saw her girlfriends go on non-exclusive dates, which almost always ended up in heartbreak. 

“When I meet somebody I’m attracted to, I’d much rather establish our relationship before moving on to the next stage emotionally and physically.”

Initially, she and Sherman went on their first date without any expectations, just three days after matching on Tinder. The following day, they officially got together.

Together After One Date
As time passed, it became clear to them that they both enjoyed each others’ company. She soon began to open up more about herself to him, and he made her feel safe about sharing her vulnerabilities.

@str4wbie struggled a lot with her family relationships, so with her previous partners, she felt that she could not bring them home to meet her family. But her fiancé went out of his way to bond with her family, and through his efforts, her mother eventually trusted him to take care of her.

With all these positive experiences, @str4wbie’s fiancé soon felt that it was time for the both of them to move in together. But @str4wbie didn’t want to take that step until they were married. 

Seven months into their relationship, Sherman popped the big question and @str4wbie said yes. And it seems like the God of love is on their side too, as they applied for a BTO and managed to get it on the first try.

This Successful Dating App Story Proved That Time Isn’t Everything When It Comes To Love

From unknowingly swiping right on a faceless Tinder profile to getting into a relationship after their first date and now being engaged, @str4wbie feels that the two of them met in a serendipitous manner — fate, if you will. 

Her journey has shown us that time isn’t always everything when it comes to love. And to end off her post, @str4wbie shared a piece of advice — “if you’re feeling doubtful about your love life, rest assured that hope is out there”. 

All images courtesy of @str4wbie.

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