UNIQLO x Harry Potter

It has been over a decade since Harry Potter and the Wizarding World left a unique mark on popular culture, and despite the years since, the enchanting fictional universe continues to captivate many. Now, UNIQLO is offering Potterheads a chance to express their love for the beloved series with its upcoming Harry Potter UT collection. 

The collection

Inspired by Hogwarts, this collection features T-shirts that embody the spirit of the four houses ‒  Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin. 

For those who consider themselves courageous and brave, there is the Gryffindor T-shirt, available in crimson red and adorned with the house crest. The print also showcases the word “Gryffindor” alongside the defining traits of its students.

UNIQLO x Harry Potter

Witty and always eager to learn, Ravenclaws will be pleased with the design of this Ravenclaw T-shirt. The print on the front features an eagle, accompanied by words like wit, wisdom, and learning that showcase the defining characteristics of the house. 

Potterheads who adore characters from Hufflepuff, such as Cedric Diggory and Newt Scamander, might find their interest piqued by the Hufflepuff T-shirt. Unlike the aforementioned designs, this one comes with a chest pocket, featuring the Hufflepuff crest. 

Flip the T-shirt behind, and you’ll be greeted by the word “Hufflepuff”. 

UNIQLO x Harry Potter

While Slytherins may sometimes be perceived as arrogant, not all of them fit that stereotype. Prove others wrong with this Slytherin T-shirt that also comes with a chest pocket on the front, and a motif of a snake on the back. 

UNIQLO x Harry Potter

If you’re sirius about discovering which house you belong to in Hogwarts, this Sorting Hat T-shirt might just be for you. This navy T-shirt features a motif of the Sorting Hat, encircled by the names of the four houses. 

UNIQLO x Harry Potter

Among the many iconic lines in the Harry Potter series, spells like Expecto Patronum and Expelliarmus easily make a scene memorable. Whether you’re practising to “fight off” Dementors or summon a snack from the pantry, this Wand T-shirt might just be for you. 

It features a motif of a wand on the front, and a series of spells in various sizes on the back. 

Each T-shirt costs $19.90. 

This UNIQLO x Harry Potter UT Collection Is Perfect For Potterheads

UNIQLO has never disappointed with their UT collection, and this time around, Potterheads are in for a treat. The new Harry Potter UT collection will be available in-store and online from 26 April 2024. 

While you wait for the new collection to drop, don’t miss out on the UNIQLO:C pop-up that is available at ION Orchard till 31 March 2024. 

All images courtesy of UNIQLO

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