Warehouse Hotel Singapore

The next time you’re staying at a hotel and get those 2.00am munchies, be sure you reach for the right menu. For all you know, they could be selling things to whet your other appetite. The newly launched Warehouse Hotel takes room service to another level with sex toys for sale.

Back in 1895, this National Heritage site was a warehouse that even had a disco club! No stranger to vice, the hotel is located in an area that was known as “a hotbed of secret societies, underground activity, and liquor distilleries”. Quickly becoming Singapore’s latest hideout for romantic staycations, it clearly isn’t just a treasure trove of historic conservation detailing.

A menu we found, named ‘Minibar of Vices’, first seemed like an underground bar cocktail menu with kinky names… until we read ‘USB rechargeable’ and ‘four speeds’. 

Apparently, this menu is a nod to the allegedly illicit past of the building and you’ll find it in all rooms!

They were curated to showcase Southeast Asian-driven products which fall into three categories–‘Gluttony’ including handcrafted salted egg yolk potato chips, ‘Lust’ for naughty treats, and ‘Vanity’ for local beauty elixirs.  

For the forgetful and conscientious couples, they sell packets of three condoms ($10.00) and organic water-based lubricant ($22) for those who want their sexytimes to be environmentally-friendly as well.

For the tentative vanilla couples, peacock feathers ($6.00) and black-out eye shades ($8.00) would be a good place to start getting your freak on. For the couples who like to get down and dirty, they sell BDSM paddles ($15) and a gentleman’s vibrating ring ($20) to pleasure both you and your partner simultaneously.

A vibrator in disguise that could double up as a necklace!


For ladies who like to take their pleasure into their own hands, you’ll love the vesper vibrator necklace by Crave ($150). A sleek, stainless steel vibrator that also doubles as a statement piece for a simple outfit, this is an investment I’m sure you won’t regret.

Hotel Rooms For Couples

When you pop by The Warehouse Hotel, make sure you order from the right menu or you might get the wrong order of ‘local delights’ by Chef Willin Low.