Witchcraft Workshops Singapore

Growing up watching Harry Potter movies, I’ve always dreamed of what it would be like to roam the Hogwarts castle and learn Wingardium Leviosa from Professor Flitwick himself. Now, it seems like this dream can become a reality right here in our Little Red Dot. 

The Kroven, a magic supply store in Singapore, now has witchcraft workshops so you can sign up to become a real witch.

The workshops

According to The Kroven’s Instagram page, their witchcraft workshop is a 10-week course consisting of hands-on classes and two outdoor gatherings. These classes require you to show up in-person, so you can experience the magic right in front of your eyes.

While their 2024 Term 2 course has already started, keep your eyes peeled for updates on a potential Term 3 coming soon.

Witchcraft Workshops Singapore

The workshop includes a range of beginner-friendly lessons such as herbal, candle, money and glamour magick. Not to worry about being unfamiliar with these terms — you’re in safe hands with the practitioner behind The Kroven, Mentor AJ, who will be overseeing the workshop and assisting you in your spells.

Additionally, the workshop will also cover lessons such as poppet magick and real potions for intermediate practitioners. With this, you can have a taste of what it’s like to create your own magical concoctions in a classroom — minus Professor Snape breathing down your neck, of course. 

Witchcraft Workshops Singapore

Budding witches aren’t limited to just the lessons listed in the workshop. The Kroven offers a range of additional classes such as Demonolatry: Working with demons, Osteomancy: Bone throwing divination and Combat Magick. 

These lessons are priced between $200 to $300, inclusive of all magickal materials, and will take around four hours each.

Sign Up For A 10-Week Witchcraft Workshop Course In Singapore To Channel Your Inner Hermoine

As quoted from The Kroven, the workshop is for “witches and practitioners of all levels, where like-minded individuals can interact and cast magick without any judgement”. So if you’re looking to challenge yourself by trying out something new, sign up for their 10-week witchcraft workshop and channel your dream of being a witch

Head over to The Kroven’s Instagram page for more information. 

All images courtesy of The Kroven.

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