Bad Dating Advice Singapore

The term “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus” didn’t come from nowhere. The truth is, sometimes we just don’t get each other, especially in the romantic department.

So when we need dating advice on how to figure men out, it makes sense to go straight to the source—our guy friends, right? This might sound like a great idea until we get the actual “advice”—if we can still call it that.

Here are the 20 worst pieces of relationship advice we’ve gotten from our guy friends. We appreciate the effort but, we’re gonna have to pass.

To find out if he’s into you

I wasn’t sure if the guy I was talking to was really into me so I asked one of my guy friends how I’d be able to tell. His response was priceless: “If he’s not interested in sleeping with you on the first date, don’t bother asking him out the second time.” Safe to say I didn’t take his advice.
Jade, 20

I’ve been told, “Ask the age old question of whether he’d save you or his mum if you were both drowning to see who he loves more.” Note: he was serious.
Le Yuan, 23

How to handle conflict in your relationship

I was fighting with my boyfriend and when I asked my friend what I should do, he said, “Go sleep with your boyfriend’s friends.”
Xue Ning, 21

When one of my girlfriends was arguing with her boyfriend about going clubbing, our guy friend interjected with, “Your boyfriend should understand that clubbing is more important to you than time with him.” That just… didn’t sound right.
Carissa, 19

How to get a guy’s attention

I was having drinks with one of my guy friends and when I asked him how I could make my crush more interested in me, he replied: “Tell him you’re out with me whenever he asks you out so he’ll get jealous.” It worked too well, and the guy thought I was secretly in love with my friend.
Denise, 22

My friend swears by the three-day-one-text thing. He said it’s to appear chill and more attractive and make the other party want you more. I tried it and was told I’m just flat out cold.
Mandy, 20

Apparently, if you act more interested in one of your crush’s friends, you’ll grab his attention. And it did, so my crush tried to wing me with his friend.
Yi Ying, 24

How to make yourself desirable to guys

I wish I was kidding, but I’ve been told a woman should be dependent, long haired and gentle to “land a man”.
Zoe, 25

Act dumb so he’ll be more attracted to you because he’ll feel like he can “protect you”.
Cynthia, 20

When I casually said I couldn’t fry an egg, one of my guy friends turned to me with a deadpan face and went, “Learn how to cook or no one will want you.”
Yi Xuan, 26

On monogamy

When I was talking to one of my guy friends about how I hadn’t met ‘The One’ to settle down with, he told me “People are like food and you can’t eat the same thing every day.”
Carrie, 24

“Cheat first before he cheats on you.”—do I really have to explain why this is bad?
Danielle, 25

On who to date

When I was new to the dating game, I told my guy friend that I needed time to consider dating his cousin who liked me. But being the typical wingman, my friend replied, “Just date now! What time? You waited your whole life already.” I was only 14 years old.
Cheryl, 21

One of my friends said “Date me!”, and I did. He’s my ex now so it was the worst advice, now that I think about it.
Jac, 23

How to see if he’s “the one”

I’d been dating this guy, D, for a while but mentioned to my guy friend that I was still unsure of how I felt because I hadn’t seen D’s “bad” side yet. He told me to act like a psycho to stir shit and see how he reacts.
Eunice, 25

I was told to fake a pregnancy to see if he’s a runner or a stayer and to gauge how much responsibility he would take in the relationship.
Lynette, 23

For some strange reason, one of my friends felt the need to test her boyfriend’s loyalty. So her guy friend said, “Ask one of your friends to try and seduce your boyfriend and see what happens.” They broke up, ‘cause her boyfriend got together with her friend, lol. But guess it worked, right?
Cara, 21

How to handle a breakup

I was unsure of how to breakup with my first boyfriend because I hate confrontation. So when I talked to my guy friends about it, one of them told me to do it over email. I did, and we still laugh about how stupid that was until today.
Jia En, 20

One of my guy friends is really proud that he’s never had to break up with girls. His advice on the matter? “If you don’t want to break up with someone but you don’t want to be the bad guy, just be really cold or annoying till he can’t stand you and breaks up with you instead.”
Lynn, 24

I was hung up over a really bad breakup and my friend’s only piece of advice was, “You have two options: you can either just try to forget about him… or ask to be friends with benefits.” *rolls eyes*
Sandra, 22

Dating Advice From Guys

Giving bad advice isn’t a gender thing, but sometimes we can’t help but think back and laugh (or go wtf) at the shit our guy friends say. But hey, we know you meant well.