7-Eleven Hello Kitty Blind Box

With the hype on blind boxes rising, many collectors are scrambling to find the next best figurines to fill their glass cases. We can’t deny the thrill of opening blind boxes in hopes of getting our faves — 7-Eleven is adding to that excitement with new Hello Kitty cyberpunk figurines, available in nine styles.

The collection


Combining the cuteness of Hello Kitty with the coolness of sci-fi, the figurines come in unique designs inspired by cyberpunk, steampunk and carnival themes. 

7-Eleven Singapore has also teased that there will be a hidden surprise design that’s not yet revealed, so fans can look forward to collecting them all while stocks last.  


Unlike most figurines that are for our viewing pleasure only, these Hello Kitty ones require more hands-on effort to piece them together. 

Each figurine comes with a set of detachable parts. That’s right — underneath all the fancy getup, it’s still Hello Kitty’s adorable face underneath. All nine of them also include miniature platforms with Hello Kitty’s name for the figurine to “stand” on.

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In the cyberpunk collection, three designs of Hello Kitty donning robot-like technology in pink, green and red are available.

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The metallic-like details of the cyberpunk collection features Hello Kitty playing an accordion and geared up in fancy gadgets. Adorable top hats sit atop her head, differing according to the three designs.

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The carnival collection showcases bright and cheerful colours. These include a jester with a gold masquerade mask and a figurine with a floral-themed outfit and pink umbrella. 

While the hidden design is not yet announced on 7-Eleven’s page, we’re predicting it will be this red and black jester design with matching juggle balls.

7-Eleven Singapore Has Hello Kitty Cyberpunk Figurines For Blind Box Collectors

As all of the figurines are randomly assigned through each purchase of a blind box, locate your nearest 7-Eleven store and get them all ASAP. The Hello Kitty cyberpunk figurines are only available while stocks last. So here’s to hoping you’ll get your fave design within the first try. 

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