Hello Kitty Toaster & Waffle Maker

No matter how much of a busy bee you are, there’s one thing you should never miss ‒ breakfast. Being the day’s most important meal, make it better with the Hello Kitty toaster and waffle maker that let you whip up breakfast imprinted with the kitty cat. 

Hello Kitty toaster

Making toast for breakfast is one of the easiest things anyone can do ‒ you only need to pop in a slice of toast, press the lever, and wait for the toaster to go “ding!

Hello Kitty Toaster & Waffle Maker

Decked in pink, the Hello Kitty toaster features a kawaii motif of the cat in a bed of her signature red ribbons. She is even holding a huge ribbon to hide a portion of her face. 

Hello Kitty Toaster & Waffle Maker

Good news for those who enjoy a hearty breakfast, as you can make two slices of toast with Hello Kitty imprints by using the toaster. Note how the kitchen appliance also comes with an adjustable thermostat so you get to set the temperature according to your preference. 

With its easy-to-clean plastic exterior, you won’t have to worry about making a mess. 

The Hello Kitty Toaster retails at USD$39.99 (~S$54.70). 

Hello Kitty waffle maker

On days when you feel a lil’ fancy to whip up your own brekkie, consider this Hello Kitty waffle maker that doubles as a sandwich press. 

Also in pink, the waffle maker features a motif of Hello Kitty wearing a chef’s hat with an egg in her hand ‒ all ready to whip up a purrfect meal. 

Hello Kitty Toaster & Waffle Maker

As the waffle maker comes with two different Hello Kitty metal plates ‒ one with her behind a ribbon and another of her sitting down ‒ look forward to digging into IG-worthy waffles in the morning. Plus, the dual light indicators make it easy to add batter and remove the finished products with little chance of you burning the waffles.    

Besides a waffle maker and a sandwich press, this nifty kitchen appliance can also make eggs, brownies, cakes, and even quesadillas. This means you’ll never run out of breakfast options for your mornings. 

The Hello Kitty waffle maker retails at USD$44.99 (~S$61.60). 

These Hello Kitty Toasters And Waffle Makers Will Make You Never Skip Breakfast

There’s no better way than to start your morning with breakfast made from these adorable Hello Kitty toasters and waffle makers. They are perfect to put a smile on the face of your young ones and even suitable as housewarming gifts. 

Unfortunately, they are only available for those residing in the U.S. for now, and interested folks will need to search for freight forwarders that ship to Singapore. For more information, visit Hello Kitty’s official website.

All images courtesy of Hello Kitty’s official website. 

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