Affordable Flower Bouquets At Wisma

As someone whose love language is receiving gifts, it’s common for people to misunderstand this trait. We’re often perceived as pampered or as someone who expects expensive gifts, but the truth is, we feel loved when we receive something that simply says, “I got this because I thought of you”. 

Gifts don’t always have to break the bank to be meaningful. And most of the time, flowers are a pretty safe bet. For couples who are looking for a cute and budget-friendly pick-me-up gift while in town, you can now get bouquets for less than $20 at Elly Sera, located in Wisma Atria.

Elly Sera Florist

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We’re not going to sugarcoat things — flower bouquets tend to be on the pricey side. It’s hard to justify their prices sometimes, especially since they eventually perish within a few days. 

According to Lemon8 user Milim, Elly Sera offers a variety of affordable wrapped flowers. One promotion stands out — pick and choose up to eight stalks of flowers for just $20, inclusive of wrapping.


Milim also shared that there are $12 and $15 options for a wrapped single stalk bouquet, complete with side flowers such as baby’s breath and carnations.


Fresh flowers are available daily, with a range of colourful options to pick from such as roses, hydrangeas and daisies. 

Don’t be shy to ask the staff about the meaning of the flowers that you picked out too. After all, there’s no better way to confess your love than through a subtle message from these beautiful blooms.

Treat Your Date To A Sweet Gift With These Affordable Flower Bouquets At Wisma

Wisma Flower BouquetsSource

The next time you’re out on a date at town with your boo, why not surprise them with a lovely bouquet of flowers? Even if there isn’t a special occasion to celebrate, we’re sure that they’ll appreciate the sweet gesture. Bonus points for the gift not costing a fortune as well. Head over to Elly Sera’s website for more information. 

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