Lego Flower Bouquets

PSA to all couples: Valentine’s Day is just less than a month away. For those still on the search for gift ideas, The Block Bouquets in Singapore now has a unique gift to declare your love — Lego flower bouquets. 

Show off your romantic side with a bouquet that screams your love will never die, complete with customisable flowers, dolls and wrapping papers.

The flower bouquets

Lego Flower Bouquets

Just like getting a bouquet of fresh flowers at a florist, at The Block Bouquets, customers will be able to choose which flowers they want according to their preferences. The store offers a range of Lego flowers such as sunflowers, roses and daisies. 

All of the flowers in their bouquets, including the baby breath and other side flowers, are artificial and will last forever.

Customers can also add dolls to their bouquets for special occasions, from adorable Sanrio dolls such as Kuromi and Hello Kitty to graduation bears.

And if you’re feeling a little cheesy, why not subtly tell your partner that they light up your world by adding fairy lights to the bouquet? Since the flowers will never perish, it can even double as a night light to display in your room.

Lego Flower Bouquets

Ladies, here’s a reminder that your boyfriend deserves flowers too. The Block Bouquets has bouquets just for boys, such as this ORD-inspired bouquet (right) in army green wrapping paper. 

Check out the full menu prices on The Block Bouquet’s Instagram highlight.

Get Customisable Lego Flower Bouquets For Your Loved Ones At The Block Bouquets

With a bouquet of flowers and a romantic dinner date, there’s no way your Valentine’s Day plans will go wrong — especially if these beautiful flowers can last forever. Head over to The Block Bouquet’s Instagram page for more information. 

All images courtesy of The Block Bouquets.

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